To Be Or Not To Be: Making Peace With Our Low Energy Cycles

Photo credit: The Way of the Happy Woman

Photo credit: The Way of the Happy Woman

Its not very Bright Sidey but about one week a month I get all funky (yep ladies you’ve guessed why-and fellas too, no doubt:-) The other three weeks I’m vivacious, bubbling with energy, enthusiasm and an insatiable desire to write and give and workout and hang with friends, make exciting plans for the future. This week- as is per normal one week a month- I’d rather skulk in PJ’s with clary sage diffusing and no one disturbing my need to hibernate. The doorbell at these times is a source of torment, the swirly ‘Welcome’ inked on the doormat, quite frankly, ironic. I wouldn’t mind if I could actually roll my sleeves up and draft a chapter or two of my book, or feng shui bits of the house.

But nope. My heart (and hormones) just want to feed off comfort; cozy UK TV programs, ‘Downton Abbey,’ ‘Escape to the Country’ and ‘Call the Midwives.’ I crave baked beans, one-pot meals, strong tea (often), Cadbury’s chocolate and essential oiled baths. Then I feel niggles about relenting to some or all the above.

But not today. Although there is only one to-do item checked off my list I’m going to live with it. In fact, I’m going to do better than that. I’m going to celebrate it. Its during this week that I’m often reminded that we are human beings, not human doings. Its weeks like this that I prolong my rough and tumbles with my dog and slow down to notice the little things. I might not be in the most appreciative mindset, but I sit with life’s pleasures long enough to at least notice them.

My stagnating mood was seemingly given permission to fester yesterday when I flicked through my Facebook newsfeed. A friend posted this, accompanied by the image pictured above:-

“Let’s all take some time to do nothing today. Yes, nothing. Lay down and stare out the window. Sit outside in a field, or high up on mountain top. Rest in silent spaciousness. And see what happens….” The Way of the Happy Woman

Then, seemingly to make sure I’d gotten the message, another friend posted this:-

Photo credit: Butterflies and Pebbles

Photo credit: Butterflies and Pebbles

To accept this sedentary challenge and embrace where I was emotionally, I slouched back to bed at midday yesterday and read. Libby and our new adopted cocker, Pip, jumped up and languished in submissive positions as I itched bellies and cooed and cuddled them from time to time. It was an hour gorgeously spent. I stared out of the window, as advised, eye-traced a lizard’s frantic movements and left my iphone the hell alone.

An hour later I emerged feeling somewhat recharged (although getting into the shower at some point still seemed rather ambitious). I may fulfill my to-do lists criteria, or, I may not. But either way’s going to be ok.

So next time you rub up against a feeling or mindset that you instinctively resist, try and let it kink its way through you, much like a cloud meandering through a summers sky; just passing by. Loving you is accepting the downs as well as the ups, your eccentricities, disappointments and the unproductive spells: All of it. Often, you may find, its in the moments in which we allow ourselves to give into our hearts whims-to let go- that we discover pivotal answers our logical minds failed to find.

We tend to pull our selves in this direction or that, coercing ourselves to perform certain tasks when a suitable time presents itself, otherwise we feel like we’ve ‘wasted’ time. But productivity followed by productivity followed by more of the same blurs your experience of life.

Its the moments in between that make a life a life; smelling the salty ocean as its breeze whips through your obliging hair. Its watching a movie midweek just because you don’t want to wait till the too-infrequent weekends to spend family time together, its wallowing in the loveliness of being just-a-little-bit-sick and having a delicious day in bed, with movie after movie. Its having an impromptu milkshake at the drive-thru to treat your five year old self, not caring about muddy walks, staring craned neck at a night sky packed with stars, its clambering into a tree-house, awed, and eating egg and chips because you can’t be bothered to cook. These are the moments that we indulge our selves, as well as the sensible, healthy moments we want to share on Facebook.

I’ve tooted this message of letting yourself be, however you show up, before. I’ll toot it again. Its so important, and yet so few of us really absorb let alone honor these ‘lazy’ times. Its enough, some days, to just roll out of bed and get the bare bones of what must be done, done; kids to school, self to the office. The fun, charismatic, social you is still inside there, she’s just having a wee bit of time off.

So love your down-days, love the idleness. You’ll be back. Your moods are your internal feedback mechanisms, if you’re feeling a certain way, honor it as your truth right now, even if its not helpful in this moment. Too often we ignore these signals; and live to regret it.

So Hear-Hear to hibernating, tea-filled, one-pot meal days. Bless ’em.  And bless you.



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Have a wonderful Tuesday!




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