Self Love: Week 1



“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” Louise L Hay.

Self love is the hallmark of the Bright Side of Life. Without it we have no stable foundation to support a healthy, happy life.

Think of it like this: Loving yourself is the roots of your tree of life. A self loving person has strong, deep, sturdy roots that anchor them steadfastly into the ground. From this strong space the tree is capable of growing many successful branches symbolic of healthy relationships, career, community and more. But if those roots are flimsy and weak the strain of having to support and balance all these offshooting branches can cause them to eventually crack and fall to the ground. Perhaps, even, the roots themselves are uprooted when the inevitable hurricanes of life strike.

Given this, would you then say it’s selfish or conceited, egotistical, to ensure those roots are sturdy and secure?

As a society, we do tend to do that. At school we are not taught how to love and respect ourselves so that we might then have capable roots ready to support the heavy branches as our lives inevitably evolve. No. Algebra and learning subjective war histories it is then.  These teachings have their place, but shouldn’t how to take care of us-our life vehicle- get a look in somewhere in the curriculum?

Know this, my friend; self love is every bit as beneficial to those you love and interact with as it is to you. Further evidence that, yep, we are all connected; All One. Have you ever been in the first flushes of a new love, exuding zippy, bouncy energy to all who are lucky enough to meet you? You can’t do enough for the world and your eyes are awakened to it’s magnificence in return. This is because you are infused with love and it makes you feel strong and brave and like you have the potential to take on the world which, of course, you do.  In this heightened state of love, you are able to serve the world far more than if you were drained and tired, running on the odd droplets of love here and there.  Just enough, just enough to KBO (Keep Buggering On, to coin our Winston Churchill…and, more recently, the brilliant Bridget Jones:-).

Love is our sustenance.

Yet rather than relying on an outside factor beyond our control-such as falling in love-to engineer this love for us, wouldn’t it really be something if we could grow it organically and internally for ourselves?

We can.

This is what the next 10 Fridays are about here at the Bright Side, doing exactly that.  Next week our self-love mission really kicks off in earnest with a glance into my past history to exemplify the power of learning to love yourself.  Louise L Hay* will pop up a fair bit.  She and self love are synonymous. Louise has a long history of counseling through which she discovered that the foundation of every problem-whether it be not being able to lose weight, relationship or career struggles- emerge from a lack of self love. Add this magic fertilizer and you will begin to grow, dissolving these aforementioned and countless other symptoms and complaints.

The following weeks will be dedicated to detailing how to cultivate self love in our mind, then body and finally our spirit. We will have a week spent recognizing the signs that your self loving behaviors are starting to bud and bloom, how we parents among us can foster self love within our children and we will finish with an experimental program to put all the tools we’ve learned into easy, everyday action. Every week will end with a resource section filled with the details of what we’ve been discussing and properly introducing you to the works of the greatest self help teachers out there.

Together, we’re going to get you feeling much better, wherever you may currently sit in the smiley-faced scale.

I feel a Yay!  Till next week, have a bright and beautiful weekend.

“The most meaningful lesson I learned from being at death’s door is that, unless I love myself, nothing else in my life can function at its best. The amount of depth, meaning and joy I experience in my life is in direct proportion to how much love I have for myself. The amount of love, kindness and patience I have for others is also directly proportional to how much love, patience and kindness I have for myself, because we cannot give others what we ourselves do not have. And, unsurprisingly, the amount of love, respect, support and compassion I receive from others is also in direct proportion to how much of the same I have for myself” Anita Moorjani*

* Louise L Hay is one of the founders of the self help movement and is still going strong, even at 88 years old.  She is the author of many best selling books, including ‘You Can Heal Your Life,’ which has helped millions of people.  Louise Hay is also the ‘Hay’ behind Hay House Publishing and the radio station.  If you want to do some homework before next week, do watch her fabulous ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ movie (look for it in last week’s post ‘Bright Videos’ or YouTube) download/buy one of her many books (some you can hear for free on YouTube) or perhaps read this:-

*Anita Moorjani’s story is in fact published by Hay House. Like Louise Hay above, Anita triumphed against cancer although the disease took Anita beyond the brink of death and well into what lies beyond.  As a result of her near death experience she came back with some incredible life relaizations, the most striking of all being the importance of loving and accepting our authentic selves.  Here’s a wee bit more Anita for you:-

Note: I have categorized this self-love series under our teen section, as well as under self love because it could really make a difference at this pivotal and sensitive age.  If you have a teen close to you, especially one struggling, I urge you to pass this information onto them.



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