Got To Share: My Favorite Healthy Discoveries

One of my indulgent ways to spend a midweek hour or two is to coffee or take yoga class with a pal. If I’ve time, a lunch out is an absolute treat.  Oftentimes I breakfast and lunch on the go, sloshing back green nutribullet concotions whilst verbally yoga sequencing and clearing the kitchen, dodging dogs, ready for walkies.

So, giving myself permission to idle into a lazy lunch, alfresco, is just gorgeous. Often my friends and I will share our most exciting finds, usually related to health- skincare, essential oils and local places to dine.  I leave feeling not only high on friendship, but with a tantalizing book or movie to try, or a place to take the kids on the weekend.

So this is our blog-lunch version of secret sharing. For you, here are my four new discoveries that I use everyday, and recommend wholeheartedly.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This stuff is the absolute bomb. It can seemingly help with every ailment.  I’m not sure how it took me thirty five years to discover this secret but now I know, its one of those products my pantry is never without.

Apparently many mature ladies with admirable summons of energy and youthful looking skin are privy to the properties of apple cider vinegar. “I’ve been drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar for fifty years,” they’ll proudly state.

I’ve taken a tablespoon of vinegar with a dash of water daily for ten months now. I also make a skin toner out of it, which has been-without doubt- the best product I’ve put near my face my whole adult life.  And the cheapest:-)  Take a glass spray bottle, fill it halfway with apple cider vinegar, the rest with filtered water and then add a couple of drops of therapeutic grade lavender essential oil, by do’Terra.  Give it a shake and welcome to clear, bright and tighter looking skin. (You can even skip the lavender.)


If you Google ‘apple cider vinegar’ you’ll be amazed at all the incredible and extensive health benefits it provides, too numerous to wedge into one article. For a few quid, its well worth popping a bottle in the trolley at the supermarket.  Use a brand like Braggs though which is raw and unfiltered, with all the gunky fermented goodness at the bottom, as pictured.


Eric got this for Christmas, although I use it everyday. It allows you to so convenientally stuff piles of goodness into a cup, whizz it into a delectable smoothie and head straight out the door with the most nutritious thing in hand.  We’ve had blenders before, but this is turbo charged and liquidizes in moments, designed for busy lifestyles.  When we purchased our Nutribullet it came with a helpful book of recipes, but usually we just stuff anything in, as long as it consists of at least fruit/veg and a form of liquid.  My favorite recipe is:-

A handful of Spinach

1 Banana

Almond Milk (to fill line)

Tbsp-2 of Walnuts

Tbsp Rolled Oats

Frozen Cherries, handful

Scoop of powdered Spirulina

Tsp Chia Seeds


I feel so energized and satisfied having a Nutribullet breakfast. Its terrific for kids too, especially fussy eaters like my son who we have a challenging time persuading to eat fruit and vegetables.  I call the concotions I make him ‘milkshakes,’ and he’s unaware of the goodies I sidle into his smoothie.  Naughty mummy:-)  It can be as simple as milk, frozen berries and a banana.

eos Lipbalms

Anyone who knows me is aware I used to have a wee bit of a love affair with petroleum jelly. I’d have super-sized pots strategically stationed throughout the house so I could swipe some on my lips wherever I went.  I’d literally panic if I didn’t have it around my person whilst out.  Not sure if you can be addicted to Vaseline, but I’d be a contender assuredly.  My lips would get dry and I couldn’t stand that taut rubbery feeling so I’d smear on Vaseline dozens of times a day.  It was self perpetuating; the more I relied on Vaseline the dryer my lips seemed to get.

Being health conscious, this old teen-formed habit bothered me. I’d tried other lipbalms but they lacked the longevity and smooth moisturizing qualities of Vaseline.  Eric bought home a packet of eos lipbalm from Costco and a new love was born.  eos balms top Vaseline with their non- greasy, non- wet texture. They’re moisturizing and smooth-without a grainy texture- and come in a variety of delicious flavors. eos are 100% natural, 95% organic, made with shea butter and jojoba oil.  They are paraben, petroleum and gluten free; all things we like to hear these days:-)

My new issue is retrieving them from my kid’s schoolbags and the dog’s mouths.

Those dogs...well, there's one un-munched pictured for you:-)

Those dogs…well, there’s one un-munched pictured for you:-)

do’Terra Essential Oils

I’ve already raved about my nigh year relationship with do’terra essential oils. They are such a comforting part of so many moments of my life.  I use them to diffuse mood-enhancing qualities into the air, as a healthful alternative to perfume, for family medicinal and a host of ailments uses, beauty and cleaning tools.  Rather than excitedly rant on, let me refer you to a couple of posts I dedicated to do’Terra earlier this year.

“There’s an oil for that…”

Essential oils are the medicines of the past, bountifully provided by nature, distilled liquids from plants and their respective parts such as bark, leaves, stem and fruit. do’Terra are theraputic grade, known for their purity and they’ve graced our family with healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

“There’s an oil for that…” continued:-)

There we have it. Yvette’s over-lunch-health-and-beauty-shares.  If you’ve got any gems too, I’d love to hear…

P.S I want to believe I’ve ironed out the subscription box issue.  A few of you kindly told me you weren’t getting email notification of new blog updates, despite subscribing.  You hopefully should now, but if you don’t, just re-submit your email address and that should work. Let me know if you experience any further problems, I’m often not aware unless you tell me.  Thank ye and have a bright and beautiful day!











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