Contribute as a Guest Writer

This is a new and exciting opportunity for you to share your thoughts, wisdom and experience with our community.  If you too subscribe to the power of positivity, and want to write an article for Bright Side of Life, then please do send me an article for consideration.   I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

As you may know, Bright Side of Life has a small but loyal readership (being less than a year old) so although it can’t obviously compete with offering you the exposure of a more established blog I promise to share your article all the same, on every social network I’m membered with as well as of course on Bright Side.  Please do also include a paragraph of bio, including any links to your website or social media, to ensure together we get you the maximum reach you deserve.

I have found the sacrifice of an hour or two of time and effort to write an article designed to help others is amply rewarded even with just a single comment of thanks from a reader.  You may just say exactly what they need to hear at exactly the right time.


-Articles between 500-2000 words are welcomed.

-Bright Side is about inclusion, not exclusion, so any submission which tries to portray a certain lifestyle/religion/philosophy, etc, as better than another will not be considered.

-No spam please.

-Articles with a personal edge are engaging for readers, especially those that illustrate some sort of personal journey into a more enlightened state.

-Use the menu tabs at the top of Bright Side’s homepage, such as Bright Souls or Bright Body, to navigate to previous posts and find inspiration.

-Please do not send me anything that has been published anywhere else, including your own personal blog.

-A photo (credited to source if not your own) and, as we mentioned above, a brief bio are requested with your article body.  Please send your work to


Bright Side has been thrilled to feature guest writers since its inception.  To get a clearer idea of the type of article Bright Side is interested in sharing, please click on some of our favorite past posts: Quiet, The Power of Feminine Movement, Letting the Body Be, Are You Eating “Perfect” And Not Seeing Results? Let Me Tell You Why.

I will do my very best to get back to you within in a couple of days following your submission to let you know if your article will be featured.

Happy Writing!  And thank you.