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Photo Credit: De Neff Fine Art Portraits Gallery

Photo Credit: De Neff Fine Art Portraits Gallery

Shall we make this a bit more palatable and do Q & A?!  Let’s…

Age: 35

Places Lived:  Oh, gosh; Wilstshire, Kent, London, West & East Sussex, Dorset in the UK then Lampertheim, Hesse, and later Bexbach in Saarland, Germany.  In the USA I’ve lived in Kansas, Colorado Springs,  Fort Lauderdale and now Longwood, Florida.

Nationality, then?!: British/American

Children: Alex, 7 & Sophie 5.  I’ve got to also include our golden retriever pup Liberty, pup Pippin, and kitten Jasper; adore them all!

Married: Yes; my husband is American and I am British.  A few years ago I became a citizen of the US as well as UK.

Past/Present Occupations: Flight Attendant for a couple of unheard of airlines, custodian for English Heritage, jewelry girl at Debenhams and bar maid for a few years during university (where I gained my degree in English Literature).  Nowadays I’m content being mum and homemaker, with a couple of sides: Immersing myself at present in yoga teacher training and…I like to write, here, for Bright Side:-)

If there is anything else you’d like to know, please do say so in the comment section and I’ll  be happy to add it in.



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