A Brit of an American

I’ve been the sloppiest blog poster for the past couple of years. That’s because I’ve been writing a book that has absorbed all of my limited writing time. But today it’s released, ‘A Brit of an American’ available now on Amazon! It was inspired in part by a blog post I wrote here years ago under the ‘Expat Stuff’ section. It was called ‘You Know You’re a British Expat Living in America When…’ That article seemed to tickle many of you.


Are you a Brit living in America who…

* Considers your accent to be your cheeky little superpower?

* Salivates over social media pictures of Sunday roasts and fish and chips?  

* Is never quite sure what to do with yourself during the American National Anthem?  

* Gets into a bit of a tizzy trying to turn right on a red light?

* Wonders why American shrill at the sight of cockroaches when they’re the least of your wildlife worries?   

If so, join Yvette Durham on a jolly around all the various aspects of the American lifestyle that sends us a brit bonkers.    If you’ve ever felt the pang of homesickness or thoroughly relished a grumble over the price of produce, then you’ve found your Brit of American tribe.

Thank you so much for supporting me! I very much hope you enjoy the book.



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