Powerful Foods

Every week morning for the past month, at 5.30am, if I can manage it, I wake up to warm lemon tea and a page or three of Anthony William’s book ‘Life-Changing Foods.’  My days are so saturated with teaching, planning classes-going to classes- not to mention kids, volunteering, home,  dogs (we have THREE now, but that’s another article)- that I have to craft reading time somehow!

I’ve drifted from my writing, from discipline in writing this blog.  Yet my heart yearns for written expression.  And if I die with this book inside me, it will be the one thing in life I’ll regret.  (Even though I’m not entirely sure what the book is just now:-)  It took a neighbor to rouse me.  He and his wife are retired journalists, and he complimented this humble wee blog, and my writing.  It was the boost I needed to set my alarm earlier, and fill the haunting bright- white Microsoft Word page.

So here we are!  And I promised you an article on foods to eat, as recommended by Medical Medium Anthony William.

In his book, he lists foods that will not only nourish our bodies but foods that will “save us” from the ‘unforgiving four,’ namely radiation, toxic heavy metals, the viral explosion and DDT (a dangerous chemical which is still “saturating our families lines and affecting our health decades after it was first discovered to be toxic.” (page 9)

And these healing, majestic, life-saving foods are fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices and wild foods.

According to Anthony, science has not yet discovered the powerful healing properties of these four foods, which he refers to as Holy Four.

Sounds kooky, but remember from our previous article that Anthony receives his messages from Spirit, having no medical or nutritional training at all.  Kookiness aside, Anthony’s incredible reputation and popularity are the proof of the pudding (poor food pun intended).

Did you know that wild blueberries are the ‘resurrection food?’ asparagus is the fountain of youth and lemons can lift your mood when you’ve had bad news?

“Certain foods…the Holy Four foods, which come from the earth- have a whole host of benefits that go beyond physical nutrition. They can offer you a feeling of in-the-moment comfort and grounding, and they can also offer long-term resolution you never knew possible…


God created these foods to nourish you in ways never thought possible, and angels watch over them to enhance these crops that they know are vital to the function of the human race.  Each life-changing food has a set of healing characteristics…There are fruits that prime us to find our true friends, vegetables that give us hope when we’re grieving, herbs and spices that help us cultivate self-worth, and wild foods that make good memories stick…Like tools in a tool kit, we can reach for different healing foods in our different times of need.” (page 29)

Each double page spread of the book celebrates a certain fruit, veg, wild food or herb/spice.  Not only does it widen your eyes with the power housed within these seemingly commonplace foods, but it also has a section how this food can offer you emotional support, a spiritual lesson and what specific conditions/illnesses it can help with.  It even provides a recipe to deliciously ingratiate that food into your diet.  Food is medicine, according to Anthony.

My children love this Banana Milkshake, although they wouldn’t drink it if they knew what went in it:-)

One fascinating point that has filled my mind since reading is the extraordinary benefits growing your own food can be.  Of course we all know it’s a way to protect our fruits and veggies from chemicals and to access the foods at their freshest.  We’ve also heard how beneficial growing your own is emotionally and spiritually.  However, this advantage is unique:-

“When you grow your own food, it grows for your specific needs.  Each leaf of cilantro, each raspberry, each cucumber develops with your name written into it.  When you plant a kale seed, the plant grows knowing exactly who you are and exactly what you need on every level.  If you have an illness, the kale intuits what that illness is, even if you haven’t been able to find a diagnoses for your symptoms, or aren’t even aware that you’re ill.


As you tend to this plant-watering it, feeding it, and weeding around it-the kale picks up on who you are, and it develops the right blend of nutrients for your individual requirements.  When you eventually pick those curly leaves and turn them into a salad, it becomes the most healing salad you could possibly eat, because it delivers tailor-made nutrition to your body.” (page 32)

If that won’t get you and I growing our own, I’m not sure what will!

It’s the little things that add up to effective change.  Swapping out my morning coffee for lemon water has been marvelous.  It hydrates me, fires my thirst, my hunger and wakes me up without feeling spacey afterwards or wired.  I always add a slice of lemon or cucumber in my water now to more effectively hydrate my body throughout the day and cleanse my body.

I’ve also been buying one new fruit every week.  At 36, I’ve discovered my new favorite fruit is mango.

For the past month I’ve been absorbing Anthony’s book advice, kick-starting with a one day detox of only eating raw fruits and vegetables.  I initially felt the rough affects of detoxing as my body started to release the toxins.  I had crushing headaches for the first few days (probably down to caffeine withdrawal), bloating, nausea, facial spots- and more.  Detoxing is  like spring cleaning a neglected old house; worse before better as you start to dislodge the dirt, which has sat silently there for years. As you start to sweep, smoke and dust bellows up causing you to cough.  But now the dust-toxins- have somewhat cleared, I feel wonderful.  Energetic, vibrant, empowered. 

Favorite Anthony William recipe, and lunch go-to. Salsa in avocado boats

I’ve now balanced my eating habits out to two raw meals a day and one cooked. I have been indulging in the 50 foods listed below, making smoothies, I bought a juicer, I’m trying out his raw and cooked recipes and grazing every two hours on fruit or dates.  However, I have cheated:  I’ve eaten some husband-cooked-because-I’ve-been-working-and-don’t-care-what-it-is-I’m-starving-meals.  Usually the likes of lasagnas, swimming in melted cheese and sauce.  (Trick is not to allow yourself to get hungry.  That takes planning ahead as to what you’ll eat and having a hunger stash stored in your car and or handbag.)  I even had a scoop of ice cream with my daughter as we waited for Alex to finish guitar lesson yesterday.  And half a bag of Lay’s.  Oh, and some cheeky garlic mash during a meal out with a girlfriend.

I’ve learned, from the past, that I am a naturally rebellious and adventurous soul, so I don’t like limitations.  If I inflict those on myself with food, I’m going to disobey at some point.  I find that eating an abundance of fruit and vegetables encourages my coffee and frequent glass of wine habit in the evening to fall away naturally.  I think when you’re focusing on and celebrating what to eat and drink-rather than not what to eat or drink- you set yourself up for greater success.

So these are the 50 Life-Changing Foods with hidden healing powers:-

Fruits                                                   Vegetables

Apples                                                 Artichokes

Apricots                                              Asparagus

Avocadoes                                          Celery

Bananas                                               Cruciferous Vegetables

Cherries                                               Cucumbers

Cranberries                                          Leafy Greens

Dates                                                   Onions

Figs                                                     Potatoes

Grapes                                                 Radishes

Kiwis                                                   Sprouts & Microgreens

Lemons & Limes                                 Sweet Potatoes



Oranges & Tangerines





Herbs & Spices                                                                       Wild Foods

Aromatic Herbs (Oregano, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme)          Aloe Vera

Cat’s Claw                                                                              Atlantic Sea Vegetables

Cilantro                                                                                   Burdock Root

Garlic                                                                                      Chaga Mushroom

Lemon Balm                                                                           Coconut

Licorice Root                                                                          Dandelion

Parsley                                                                                     Nettle Leaf

Raspberry Leaf                                                                       Raw Honey

Turmeric                                                                                  Red Clover

Rose Hips

Wild Blueberries

Indulge in these as much as you can, and research the ones you’re unfamiliar with.  I discovered that lemon balm is great for the nerves (very helpful for ADHD children, like my son) and cat’s claw is nature’s antibiotics, so very beneficial if you suffer from infections.

You’ll find a great deal of information on these foods, plus a whole lot more at Anthony’s blog   Anthony William Medical Medium’s Blog.  There is so much eye-opening information there, its a treasure trove for your health.  You can also listen to Anthony on HayHouse Radio show every Friday at noon, Eastern time.  I simply downloaded the HayHouse Radio app for free onto my iPhone.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in the UK, US or indeed anywhere, its available to you.  Not only can you hear from Anthony but other world renowned teachers on the subject of mind, body and spirit.

Have a beautiful weekend whatever you might be up to!  Much Love,