Bright Side Christmas Cheer


Oh its that reflective yet often simultaneously manic time of year again, where most of us set down our lives for a bit: Its Christmassss! How are you doing?  Are you ready for it?  Presents wrapped?  Food shop done?  Or are you being sensible, like some of my friends, and merrying off somewhere like the beach for the day with a Chinese takeaway?!

We’re one of those annoying families who put up Christmas decorations early and play the festive likes of Wham and Slade, loudly, most of the time we’re home in December. We love Christmas, although this year the build-up has been a bit less enthusiastic and somewhat hurried, on account of me being in the UK until a few weeks ago.

Talking of the UK… today my lovely mum is flying in from London to be with us for Christmas and stay for a month after.  Of course with my father’s recent passing its going to be a harder Christmas than normal, especially for mum who’s spent every Christmas with dad for over 50 years.

If you, too, have lost a dear one, I send my heartfelt condolences and love to you.  If you’re fortunate enough to have a bustling family around you, remember the most precious gift you can offer your loved-ones is your presence (easily confused but quite different from presents🙂

It’s so easy to get tangled in Time at Christmas, fretting about the immediate past and future. It puts us on autopilot, or a dream-like state from whence we emerge saying, “Christmas all sort of went by in a bit of a blur!” So when you notice your mind swinging from thoughts such as “Oh I hope the turkey’s going to defrost in time,” to “bummer, I didn’t think to send them a Christmas card” to “where did I hide that present for her?” then come back to your breath.  That’s it, right there, that’s the key.  Deep belly breaths, making those exhales longer than the inhales.  Beautiful, now you’re back on track, my friend.  Coming back to our breath has a way of realigning us, of stopping the tizzy dizzy train of thoughts, of reprioritizing and reframing what we’re here for in this very moment.

‘This Christmas, my breath is my friend.’ There’s an affirmation for us all.  It also comes in handy when we find ourselves unwittingly bubbling away in a domestic boiling pot with relatives who make us want to reach for the mulled wine, champers, brandy or- heavens- just about anything with alcohol in it:-)

Back to breath. Back to ourselves. 

Merry Christmas, my friend! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for your readership and subscription to my weekly rantings.  May you have a blessed Christmas Day, and a prosperous and joy-filled New Year.

Much Love,