Family Death

Christopher Richards Scott: 13/06/1940-02/11/2015

Christopher Richards Scott: 13/06/1940-02/11/2015

Yesterday my sweet father passed away.  He was an incredible man; kind, charismatic, sharp witted, popular, cheeky.  He was strong and positive throughout all his life, especially his latter days which were plagued by illness and incapacitation.  I know he’s at peace now.  But knowing that does not stop the grief my dear mother, sisters and I are currently going through.

As such I’m flying home to Dorset, England, within a day or two.  So we haven’t our usual post offering today, but I’ll be back in December my sweet friends.

Isn’t it ironic that we only spoke of death in our last weeks article 5 Smart Ways to Live with the Passion of the Dying?

Much love to you, and see you back here next month.