On My Holidays

Good Morning Friends!

I really hope you’re having a bright summer thus far, back dropped with lots of warm sunshine. My children and I have flown to the UK this week and are, in fact, enjoying some beautifully cool but sun-filled days.

For the next two months we’ll be travelling to Devon, Cambridge, Brighton, London, Kent and finally, Germany, before returning to Florida. As such- and thanks to a much less reliable internet connection and having to borrow mum’s laptop (mine sadly died this week)- its not yet clear when or even if I’ll be able to feasibly get much quality writing achieved. So just a note to say our regular twice weekly posts won’t be resumed until we get back to the States BUT I’ll do my best to deliver to your inbox the odd article offering throughout the summer.

So you don’t miss out on seeing those sporadically posted articles, I highly encourage you to subscribe.  You can do so on this very page just to the right of your screen, below my bio photo, via the homepage, or by filling your email address into the orange pop up subscription notice. This way you’ll get a handy wee notification in your inbox, saving you from having to pop into the Bright Side to check what might be new.

Thanks for your understanding and your continued support. Bright Side is truly NOTHING without you. Have a bright and brilliant weekend!


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