Waiting In The Wings: How Angels Can Transform Your Life For The Better


Do you know, I’ve resisted talking about angels until now even though I converse with these beings of Light everyday. Honestly? I feared being seen as whimsical or plain silly and loosing the readership of some of our Bright Side friends.

Yet after weeks of feeling a growing desire to talk about them, the angels gave me a very definite sign this morning, leaving me under no illusion that the time was ripe to introduce these ethereal beings that are, pun intended, waiting in the wings for you. Whilst the coffee was brewing, I logged into Facebook and the first thing I saw in my newsfeed was a post by a friend of mine, who’s a Home Care Nurse. It was a photo of an angel ornament given to her by a patient. This patient had survived the Liverpool bombings during WW2 and had told her that she is his angel now. The gorgeous bronze-looking angelic figurine hangs proudly from her car ‘office’ rear view mirror.

Knowing it was a sign that I should write about angels, I excitedly exchanged much of my fear for courage and decided to plough ahead.

Its quite a large topic, angels, so our discussions will spill over into next week, or even the following. Previously I’ve written and given a talk on angels, as I am in fact a Certified Angel Practitioner and have held close to my heart a passion about learning and communicating with the angelic realm for nigh a decade.

I’m not a religious person, so my belief in them is not an off-shoot of a set of ideologies. I believe in them because-time after time-they’ve come through for me. They’ve brought me to weep wells of joy-filled tears, stopped me dead in my tracks with their overt signs and even offered a feeling of euphoria unmatched by any I’ve ever experienced before (much better, yes, than Ibiza 1999:-)

Now it would be a great pleasure to help you to a relationship with these loving, ethereal Beings who have staggering potential to animate, inspire and heal your life.

What are Angels?

Angels are Beings of pure light and love, believed by numerous religions to be messengers from God. But they exist outside of religion and are available for everyone and every cause. Think of them as invisible friends, because really that’s exactly what they are. Angels are here to be of service to you, and its widely accepted that-just like us humans-they have different roles and gifts to offer. Some are guardian angels, some Archangels with different areas of expertise, some give us music, protect nature or animals to name but a very few of their ‘jobs’. In fact some angels take a human disguise when needed to help us in desperate times.

There’s no mistaking when this happens. Your heart will tell you. In fact if you peer back into your past you may realize that you’ve already had an angelic incident. It’ll be a mystical, gorgeously-haunting encounter that you’ll never forget. The hallmark of an angel under human guise is their eyes; they have the most incredible eyes, like pools of light wisdom and love for your soul to bathe in.

I’m inadvertently swiping at tears escaping onto my cheeks as I write this because I’m remembering the first time I met my once-upon-a-time counselor. She was a beautiful, bountiful lady who had the most striking eyes. They transfixed me. Her after-session hugs were like that of a mother, I didn’t want her to let me go! She was brimming with Love, it seemingly cascaded out of her in waves, touching my heart in, I want to say, a magical way. I still remember the residue of her perfume, which would linger once I got home, serving as a reminder that she was still there.

She was an alcohol and drug counselor. It took a lot of courage for me to see her (and just as much to reveal this to you). I knew her appearing in my life at that dark time was the angels’ way of rewarding my bravery and saying; Well done, you. We’ll carry you through this.

Angels are there for you too. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done (believe me:-) or what you’ve thought about doing. It doesn’t matter if you’re religious, spiritual, atheist-whatever. You’re here. You’re human and that’s deserving enough.

Believing is Seeing

Through angel books and then experience it does seem that angels are not allowed to interfere with our free will. So unless you expressly invite them into a area of your life they are not allowed to interfere. The only exception to this is if you are in a life threatening situation before it is your time to die. This is why there are boxfuls of stories alluding to ‘strangers’ who appear in a crisis, save a life and then disappear with the person in need being the only witness to the miraculous helper.

Once you start conversing, exploring or even thinking about the angels you’ll notice that the hitherto hidden veil of dull illusion is pulled back and invites you to this enchanted world, imbued with synchronistic meetings, coincidences and rich in symbolism and signs which your heart tells you are especially just for you.  Its full of color, of light, fizz-popping with opportunities and hope, even in the darkest of times.

Perhaps its time we started believing in this, the light of the world, as well as the deluge of dark. You’ll be walking in the company of angels once you do.

Angel-sent Signs and Symbols

The angels love to leave traces of their presence, especially when you most need to know they’re near. The classic hallmark is white feathers. Next time you find a feather in an unusual place, trust its the angels saying ‘Hi, here we are!’ They are as playful and fun-loving as we aspire to be.

“The reason angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly.”  G.K. Chesterton (English writer, Theologian, Philosopher 1874-1936)

Butterflies flitting by your field of awareness are another sign, especially when you’re thinking about them or a deceased loved-one.

Another notable sign is an image of an angel, perhaps like I saw on my Facebook newsfeed this morning, or the shape of an angel you see in the bubbles of your bath, the formation of a cloud, a passerby’s t-shirt or a leaf that drifts before your path. Its quite marvelous to see all the intricate and imaginative ways angels present themselves to us. It never fails to astound me.

Although angel experts such as Doreen Virtue, PhD, will tell you what the angels are trying to convey messages to you through certain numbers and symbols, I have found that the angels will use any imagery that appeals to you as means of communication, whether that be a bird or a flower or a song on the radio. Angels know your heart, they know the depths of your soul, and therefore they will strive to reach you on a level that speaks to you. Don’t be afraid to initiate your own language with the angels. More than anything they desire to help you, so they will come to you on your terms, and work with you as slowly as you feel comfortable with.

To exemplify, I was walking Libby before I published this article.  I’d read once in a Doreen Virtue book (oh golly I forget which one:-)  that a white van symbolizes Archangel Michael as he protects you in your vehicle.  So knowing that I associate the angels with this symbol, the angels presented to me white van after white van on my walk.  Then flitting butterfly after flitting butterfly.  It got to the point where I was laughing out loud at the seeming avalanche of angelic signs and symbols!  Reach out to them, and they’ll surely return the favor.

Its your feelings that count. If it feels like a sign or symbol from the angels then trust it is.

Cracking Open the Door to the Wondrous World of Angels

Pictured above you’ll see a variety of books and angel cards to introduce you further to the angelic realm.   If I could recommend just one it would be Lorna Byrne’s book Angels in my Hair. Its a page-turner autobiography of a unique woman who actually sees angels as clearly as she does you or I. Its been met with worldwide success, a beloved bestseller. Lorna has featured on breakfast and television shows throughout the world and this shy and unassuming Irish woman is bringing light and hope and peace to many of us through her relationship with angels. I saw her a few years ago in Frankfurt, Germany, for a lecture and its an experience I’ll always treasure.

But, as is the theme, explore further reading material that excites you.

Next week we can delve a little deeper and perhaps chat about practical steps to start communicating with your angels including angel cards, pendants, meditation and simply asking for help mentally or orally. I’ll even toss in an angel reading, if you like:-) An angel reading is simply using a deck of 44 angel cards, each with a message on, as a divination tool to deliver you the direction or guidance for which you seek.

How about we end today with a wee message to the angels? You may want to say this now, later after more research, make your own up or sit this one out entirely. There’s no right or wrong decision here: Its your life, your pace, your decision. But I’m guessing if you’ve read this much your interest may be spiked somewhat:-)

Dear Angels,

 As you know, I’m pretty new to this, so thank you for your gentleness. I’m intrigued by you and what you can do to help me and those I love. Help guide me to begin a satisfying, loving relationship with you.

Open my eyes to your presence and offer me signs and symbols that fill my heart with wonder, love, peace and hope.  Thank you.

 You could leave it there or tag this on…

 I would like to ask you to help with a situation that is pressing on me (enter here). Thank you for your guidance in this matter.

Now just peel back the eyes of your awareness and notice materials that pop into your consciousness. Maybe a book spine that winks at you in the sunlight, or a friend who mentions a class that bristles your attention, or a stranger who touches you with their balmy words. These are the angels beavering away in the background, manipulating the physical world and encouraging people’s hearts to present to you what you most need to know regarding your issue.

 Hold tight to your heart that, as US quotation anthologist Terri Guillemets says…

” Angels have no philosophy but love.”








  1. Brianne says:

    Yvette, I’m so glad you’re going back to your “roots” and talking about your angels! This (and your new follow-up article) came at the perfect time for me, because I just spent a full month dabbling in learning more about the angelic realm, but somehow I got sidetracked and didn’t consider the Angels – at all – over the last few days. Well, last night I gasped as streaky pink sunset clouds presented themselves in the perfect form of a HUGE, open-winged angel, and then this morning I read your two most recent articles… On Angels… Hmmm… They’re knocking! Time to get back to my daily communion with them! Thank you, as always!

    • Yvette says:

      Oh wow I’m delighted to hear that, Brianne! A classic example of how the angels celebrate our angelic communication with signs across the skies, as you experienced, or a plethora of other stop-in-our-tracks-ways. I’m so glad you’re exploring angels and so happy that the article came at an apt time for you. Yes it felt good to get back to my ‘roots.’ Thanks ever so much for your lovely comment.

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