“There’s an oil for that…”


Discovering do’terra essential oils was one of my 2015  highlights. Many of my yoga teachers and health enthusiast friends were already firm advocates of the power and purity of do’terra oils to heal a plethora of physical and emotional issues.  Their passion for oiling has spilled over to be mine too.  I too am now not only a do’terra devotee but also a Wellness Advocate.

I’ve resisted blogging to you before about EO because I always like to really test run something before I shout it from the rooftops. But I’m a rooftop shouter now when it comes to do’terra:-)  I’m sharing and handing out samples to all those I love and care for around me, so its about time I did the same for you too.

I’m going to leave all the whys, whats and whos to do’terra themselves because I want to share with you my personal experience with oiling. So to find out about what essential oils are, why do’terra oils are in particular so incredibly popular and also what makes them branded as theraputic grade you can watch these introductory videos

For time (and boredom’s) sake, I’m going to break this oiling blog up into two posts.  I did promise to try and waffle less on my Facebook post Saturday, right?!  So today, explore the do’terra  video links above and I’ll share seven or so ways our family uses the different oils.  Next week I’ll share more of my family’s do’terra secrets and end with  information on successful and safe oiling.

For the past six months I’ve been using and exploring do’terra essential oils for my family’s health, wellbeing and emotional support.  I use them too in my daily beauty routine and as effective and non-toxic household cleaning agents.

Every time my children or husband come to me with a health complaint I ceremoniously whip out my Modern Essentials Handbook,  look it up and find out which oil (s) can help. ‘There’s an oil for that’ has become our family catchphrase.

We’ve had tremendous results and it feels so empowering to be treating our ailments with natural ancient remedies, found in the abundance of nature’s elements.  With their efficacy rating up to 70% greater than herbs, I know too that they have potency to offer us an alternative solution to pharmaceuticals which, in comparison, are brand new.

Once you start using and exploring these babies for yourself you’ll find they’re your go-to for so many moments of your day. Every oil has a ‘job.’  You can almost smell what it is used for, without the reference!  For instance, sniff peppermint and it’ll enliven your senses instantaneously whereas our ol’ familiar lavender calms them, with just one single whiff.

Not only does do’terra stock single essential oils they offer blends too.  Blends are a powerful combination of specifically selected essential oils in one bottle/rollerball designed to treat differing physical or emotional issues. For instance, do’terra has blends for anti- aging (Immortelle), a joyful blend (Elevation) for depression and Serenity for anxiety and insomnia along with many others.

Our family favorite way to use do’terra essential oils…

1) Alex has ADHD. We apply a drop or two of vetiver oil, mixed with coconut oil, to his wrists and feet each morning before school to help him concentrate and focus.  do’terra even has a blend specifically for focus (InTune). The smell is too sweet for Alex, but your child may love it.  When applying essential oils to children and babies, always-always- apply only a drop or two with a big glob of carrier oil, such as coconut oil.  Not only does it carry the EO around the surface of the skin, it dilutes the potency, which can be too overwhelming for little systems and senses.  Applying essential oils with carrier oils is standard practice with adults too, although our systems can usually tolerate a drop or two more of EO’s. Less is more when it comes to essential oils. 

Our rescue dog, Pippin, used to get very anxious when I went out. So I diffused vetiver before I left, and played relaxing music.  Thanks to this there was far less paint paw-scraped off our back door:-)

 2) I either rub lavender into my kid’s feet before bed (with a coconut oil to carry the oil around the surface area) or we diffuse lavender or Serenity blend in their rooms.   Within minutes they’re asleep!  Alex-with ADHD- has issues sleeping, so diffusing essential oils in his room has been a god-send.  We used to have to give him melatonin on most school nights to sleep-thanks to oils, not anymore!

 3) Deep Blue is a blend we’re never without; its tremendous for sore muscles. Eric uses it after lifting weights on his poorly shoulder rotator cuff and I use it on my pre-arthritic knees following a lengthy knee- stiffening drive.  Mum uses it for her full-blown arthritis too.


4) Like many, I get anxiety, especially during that time of the month. I rollerball on the likes of Serenity, Balance, lavender or bergamot to relax.  My doctor prescribed  Xanax for my mild anxiety.  I was reluctant to use an addictive drug, with side affects, so now I’ve ditched the Xanax for oils, and I feel so much more empowered.  I keep a rollerball of Serenity in my purse so I can smooth over my wrists, back of my neck and behind my ears whenever I get antsy.  Its like a perfume-without any of the harsh, skin-irritating properties-that does a job at the same time:-) 

 5) For yoga I use the blend Balance which grounds me and prepares my buzzy, energetic self for a deep yoga practice.

 6) If you meditate, applying a drop of frankincense to the middle of your forehead (the third eye) can really boost your focus and depth of experience. Hey, if it was good enough for Jesus….!

 7) We like to add 1 drop of lemon essential oil to our water, most days1 drop is the equivalent of over 200 drops of a squeezed lemon, which gives you an idea as to their potency and efficacy.  Lemons detoxify your system internally, flushing out all those accumalated toxins.  Before do’terra I’d squeeze a few drops of an actual lemon into my water but had to stop as my sensitive teeth became irritated.  do’terra’s lemon doesn’t give you that sharp bitterness and causes no irritation to my mouth, at least, at all.  Its also a great way to add some flavor to any reticent water drinkers in your family.  Make sure you use a glass container though, as glass is impervious to essential oils.

Its hard to stop there, but I must!  You’ve a life to get back to, I know:-)  Next week we’ll finish this oiling post.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll do my very best to answer, or find the answer for you.  You may have been waiting for oils you whole life and ready to order today .  If so I personally recommend the introductory kit which features the three most common and useful oils; peppermint, lemon and lavender.  You can find out about the uses of these three starter oils on page 7 of the linked Product Guide below.  Or, if you need to call on oils for a specific reason, start with the oil (s) that correlate to that particular issue.  This way you’ll be able to really measure the results by yourself, without me telling you what to put where:-)  For your convenience and further reading, here is the Product Guide so can see what oil can help with what physical or emotional issue.

It doesn’t matter where you’re ordering from, do’terra is a popular international brand, which ships to all parts of the world.

Happy Oiling!









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