“There’s an oil for that…” continued:-)

Good-morrow!  So it’s silly-o’clock in the morning and Alex and Sophie are milling about, sploshing milk into bowls and ‘mum’-ing me every few moments.  My usual quiet time for blogging is thus…not so quiet, but here we are again with a continuation of our chat about oiling, and the benefits its brought to my family.   Hopefully this will inspire you in your family’s healthcare and wellbeing.  I know some of my readers already subscribe to do’terra and or essential oils in general, so please do add to our list in the comment box below your favorite ways to utilize oils.  Once you start oiling, you’ll no doubt be so motivated to share and spread the good news. Most of my oiling friends have a dedicated Facebook page, so this is my blogging version:-)

Righty-o, so we Durhams use oils to…

8) Relieve my PMS symptoms.  do’terra has a blend called Clary Calm which helps for the physical and emotional woes of monthly womanhood.  Man do I get emotionalI weep at anything, hibernate as much as I can and moan and nag to all those who have to get near me.  This blend is our (my husbands too)! ol’ pal during these times. I roll it over my abdomen, mit coconut oil, and also spread it over the back of my neck and wrists.

 9) On Guard is a protective blend which is excellent-and powerful.  A fortnight ago I was suffering with cystitis or a urinary tract infection.  Yup, ladies, horrible thing; burning pain and the inability to pee when you feel you want to go.  I rubbed a drop with coconut oil all around my abdomen area for instant relief.  I even called my husband to tell him how mighty thankful I was it had helped!   Now, I still carried my butt to the doc’s to get antibiotics.  My infections have staying power, and I do not want that thing compromising my kidneys.  But my gosh did the On Guard relieve the discomfort in the meantime.  (Always mention to your doctor what essential oils you are using, especially if you take prescription medication.)       

On Guard too is excellent added to a glass spray bottle with a few drops of do’terra lemon and filled with water for a surface cleaning spray and bathroom air freshener. It can be used as a hand sanitizer too without all those nasty chemicals.

10) To get the kids zippy and ready for school, we diffuse either peppermint or wild orange. I inhale peppermint as soon as I get up.

11) I like to give my children a rollerball for school too, for emotional support.  If Alex feels flighty before his spelling test, say, then he can empower his own ability to care for himself by whipping out his rollerball and rubbing it on his wrists.  You can make rollerballs especially for the needs of your particular child.  Just purchase, (they’re very inexpensive), some glass rollerball bottles, then add fractionated coconut oil and essential oil (s) of your choice.  (Fill with coconut oil and add about 10-15 drops of oil in total.)

Alex loves sniffing his vetiver essential oil from his bead bracelet

Alex loves sniffing his vetiver essential oil from his bead bracelet

 12) Cellulite. Most of us have it.  Thanks to rubbing on a couple of drops of grapefruit and rosemary with coconut oil my cellulite has dissipated tremendously- I’m delighted!  There’s that old adage ‘a grapefruit a day keeps the cellulite away.’  Be persistent, use it daily, after a couple of months stand your thighs in the light and see the difference.

 13) To help my children concentrate on their homework I diffuse vetiver and Balance, sometimes wild orange too.

 14) Choose your mood for the day.  After showering, I moisturize my entire body with coconut oil, with added drops of an essential oil.  If I’m feeling tired I’ll plump for something energizing like Slim and Sassy blend or wild orange.  If I’m feeling scatty (usually the case), I’ll ground myself with Balance or vetiver.  If I’m anxious, it’ll be Serenity, or if my grief is very much at the forefront of my mind I’ll use Elevate. As we mentioned last week, using oils for bodily aromatics is  such a lovely alternative to perfumes which are comparatively so harsh.

15) Toner.  My skin is looking the best it ever has-clear, fresh, even-toned-thanks to my new DIY toner, and it only contains three ingredients!  I fill a glass squirty bottle with filtered water, halfway up.  The other half is raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (man I love this stuff, but that’s another article:-) and then two-three drops of do’terra lavender essential oil.  Lavender is a terrific ingredient to add to your skincare because it does so much; it balances and energizes your skin, it helps all skin types from sensitive to dry, its anti-aging and an effective treatment for wounds too.

do’terra’s website will boggle your mind with further ways to celebrate your oils.  You can create so much for you and your family from bathroom cleaners to hair conditioners and yoga mat spray to aromatherapy playdough.  The possibilities are exciting and endless!

That said, oils need to respected and used very carefully. Just a few drops, mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, is all you need. Tipping tens of drops over your skin is too much for your system to absorb, especially on children and babies. So please be warned- they are powerful and concentrated natural elements and overuse can be dangerous.  Not a proud mummy-moment for me… one time I dabbed a drop of neat peppermint behind my daughter’s ear.  A minute later her skin was red, rashy and she-poor mite-complained of a burning sensation.  Less is more.   

Our diffuser piping away essential oils as usual:-)

Our diffuser piping away essential oils as usual:-)

How to use oils

You can diffuse your oils topically to create the atmosphere you want, or apply topically to porous locations such as the back of the neck, the bottoms of the feet, wrists and behind the ears. Within minutes the oils are absorbed into the blood stream and can do their job.

There is a lot of debate about whether ingesting essential oils orally is safe or not. do’terra claim some of their oils can be safely taken orally in either water or veggie capsules (these apparent safe to ingest oils are identified by supplement information on the bottle).  I have a couple of friends who are aromatherapists, who have expressly warned against ingesting. I don’t know about you, but I would listen to a qualified aromatherapist every time. So that’s my advice to you; unless you’ve been advised by an aromapatherapist to ingest, I wouldn’t risk using oils orally.  Yup, last week I admitted ingesting by adding a drop of lemon to my water.  My aromatherapist friend said this was ok, as long as its not daily.  So I intend to do so now infrequently, and never again for my children. Better safe than sorry, hey?!

We’ll talk about oils again, I’m sure I’ll be smearing photos of my new oil discoveries all over Instagram and Facebook. I would love to hear your experiences of them too.

Its a slow yet rewarding process as you try and trust your oils and then naturally want to expand your oil collection with your new found passion.  To order you can do so here or use this link to scout for further information, and  fire away with any questions or comments you may have.

Happy Oilin’!








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