The World Awaits You


Namaste: ‘I bow to the divine in you.’

Today is a stake-in the-ground day, dedicated to recognizing the divine quality in you, your soul’s agenda. Perhaps it is dusty and long-forgotten but it still burns: Always will.

You are unique, you know that? Inside of you is that spark of divinity which speaks to you in the language of desire.

Millions of others may hold this same longing or creative ambition, be it to express as a teacher, writer, photographer, musician, politician, inventor, singer, artist. But let’s remind ourselves of this: You are the only one on this planet who can show it in the way you will and/ or can reach those people who need your gift. You’re made up of a specific conglomeration of thoughts, personality, past events, communication style and experiences that are no accident. Someone out there at least-maybe millions- need to witness your creative expression your way.

You are a way for someone.

Take Ed Sheeran. He has exploded onto the music scene because he has dared to be himself, to let his creative yearnings go. If you listen to the lyrical genius of Ed’s songs- the rawness, the originality, the sublime absence of over-worked cliché’s- you play witness to the power of a natural gift given expression.

But you don’t need to be paid or find fame to make this gift of yours worth indulging in. If it sends sparkles of joy and inspiration into the hearts of just a few then think how you moving them might ripple out and affect all the people they know. We are all connected.

Yet what it gives you is equally, if not more so, as grand: Access through the door into the room that lets your particular spark of divinity bask once again in the light of its wondrous power Source.  You feel ‘plugged in.’

In my own personal experience I have found my creative desires- writing, teaching- to be the fastest route to both self esteem and in-for-the-long-haul happiness. It is sharing our creative gifts that we feel alive, proud, in the zone, riding on a tide of adrenalin. Seeing something that came from your mind expressed, from start to finish, is quite the buzz and nothing-not shopping, materialistic accumulation, money, alcohol, drugs, caffeine- can get close.

If you are a mother or father, you may recognize the unbridled joy of the creative journey in holding your child for that first sublime time. ‘We did this’ you might say to your partner, in awe of where your love and passion took you; to this moment. Look what we did. Look what we made for this world. This is creative perfection.

There is something that often holds us back though. We may blame time as a scapegoat but sometimes it goes deeper than that: Fear. Neale Donald Walsh says an acronym for fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Sit with that for a moment. We fear showing our difference, our stamp of specialty. But that is the very essence of creativity, isn’t it?

Look at everyone in our human collective past who has ever gifted our world. Look at all the human endeavors; spirituality, politics, art, literature, science, invention, to name a few. Anyone who has ever contributed significantly to these fields chose to look inside and manifest their brand of divinity; Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, the Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell. Some were seen as ridiculous in their time, maybe even persecuted for it, but how high a regard do we hold these great beings in today?  How much have they changed the tapestry of our lives for the better? See the residual energy of the sharing of their gifts hundreds-thousands- of years after the last time they physically touched this earth.

What will be your legacy? Where might it take you?  Indeed where will it take us?  Once more; we’re all connected. As Martin Luther King, Jr. says, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Think of your divinely bestowed gift like a literal present. Imagine getting to the end of your days here and facing the stark realization that all your life you sat, arms folded, atop this beautifully wrapped gift fashioned for you to share with the world and yet, you just never got around to opening it.

No. It’s not too late.

You are gifted, and you can never ever be duplicated. The world awaits you.  May we please have a peek at your magnificence?






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