The Sun Will Come Out

Photo Credit: Lindsey Ramage (Instagram @mrsramage)

Photo Credit: Lindsey Ramage (Instagram @mrsramage)

Happiness, like the whims of the weather, is not a permanent state.  This is life’s tough love. How would we appreciate light sparkly sunshine without experiencing swollen, bruise-colored clouds?

Our feelings ebb and flow like the clouds that ride through the sky.  Perhaps highly evolved beings can manage to keep the sun out everyday but I can’t.  Can you?  And that’s okay.  We get days, weeks and even months and years where clouds darken and threaten our sunny perspective, we get moments when we just want to retreat from the wild and unpredictable notions of the weather, like an animal seeking hibernation.

There are times when heavy-sacked clouds full of rain obscure the warm, tender sun.  Rain falls, like tears from eye sockets, sodden to the brim, blurred from a heart sagging with sadness.  Yet does not the rain help all living things on earth to grow, to blossom, to evolve?

Whenever I feel the penetration of these moments I remind myself of the soul- soothing words of my dear friend, Lindsey Ramage, who reminds us to love our sadness:-

 “Run yourself a bubble bath. Watch the steam gently roll off of the water as your tears salt it. Feel your heart ache and grow. Sit quietly and know that it’s through the wound that the light enters you. Love your sadness, my dear, you don’t always have to be tough. You don’t always have to wear that smile. You don’t always have to be tenacious. Love your sadness and you will find that quiet and beautiful strength that is patiently idling within you.”  (Soul Sanctuary Facebook Page )

‘This too shall pass’ is perhaps my favorite, if not my most tooted Bible quote.  Four simple words yet so powerful, so epiphanic.  In bright, bountiful, beautiful times this reminds me to inhabit and relish these precious yet changeable moments, for example, to hold my children with heart and presence, knowing that they will never be this age again. Yet equally comforting, in times of distress allowing your subconscious to relieve its parched thirst with this sentiment is such a grounding tonic.  Everything living is in a state of transience, thus nothing lasts forever, not pain, not suffering, nor heavy-hearted emotions.  This too shall pass, my friend.


“If you are present, the painbody cannot feed anymore on your thoughts, or on other people’s reactions. You can simply observe it, and be the witness, be the space for it. Then gradually, its energy will decrease.”  (Eckhart Tolle)

As Eckhart says in his best-selling book, ‘A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose’ we tend to identify with our feelings, and in doing so we become totally swept away with them.  Our language often reflects this subconscious state when we say things such as ‘I am sad,’ or ‘I am tired,’ as if it’s some terminal affliction, permanently stuck to us. Tolle encourages us to detach from our feelings and therefore relieve some of the sting by saying ‘I am feeling tired,’ ‘I am feeling sad.’  Can you note the subtle but all- important differentiation this makes?

Undesirable feelings, just like the clouds that block out the sun, are disguises, only temporarily there.  The life-sustaining sun is never absent.  And can we not, as Lindsey advises, love the sadness, embrace the shade?

So a period of sadness or anger or fear is not necessarily a bad thing.  In fact I’d argue it’s healthy to allow these natural feelings to glide through the skies of our consciousness:  To not resist, not struggle against, just as nature allows all things.  However, after a time, we would do well to remember that our feelings are highly charged magnets: Feelings are creative, and attract more after their kind.  So if you are feeling sad, more sad thoughts which harvest more sad feelings cling to you.  You might sense that you are stuck in a impenetrable state of woe is me.  What then?

Abraham Hicks* has a brilliant offering for this very thing with his Emotional Guidance Scale.  It’s a wonderful resource to have tucked away for times of need.  Abraham encourages you to reach for just one thought that provokes an improved feeling about a situation.  We can then begin to lug ourselves up, up the feelings scale.  Abraham, although a non-physical Being, understands that it’s nigh impossible to jump from very low feelings all the way up the scale to joy.  Baby steps, slowly does it.  This way we are not reliant on some outside factor to increase our feelings of contentment, we ourselves are consciously lifting our mood up.  Master this and you will not be bashed about by the random weathers of your feelings.  You will be on the road to be able to sustain your own sunshine, should you choose.

I expect it’ll take a few more lifetimes to grasp writing my own weather forecasts:-)  But what a worthy cause to work on.  I won’t give up trying.

How do you react to undesirable feelings?  Do you allow them to float by, or do you wrestle and wrangle with them, becoming entangled and imbedded in them?  How could you serve yourself better when the weather turns sour again?

Namaste, Bright Siders.

Oooh and a PS: I’m going to be working on Bright Side behind the scenes so I’m not expecting to have the time to post on Friday.  But, having spoken to some readers, I may shift our Friday post to a Sunday in the future, so more people have the time to read it.

If you have any thoughts or comments on either today’s subject or improvements to Bright Side then do comment below, I love to hear your responses and opinions.  Have a bright and beautiful day!

*Abraham Hicks is a collective, highly evolved, non-physical Entity channeled through Esther Hicks.  With Esther, Abraham has written multiple best-selling books and does workshops throughout the world.  Louise L Hay calls the collective non-physical Being, affectionately known as Abraham, as “some of the best teachers on the planet today’ and Dr. Wayne Dyer, having recently collaborated a book with Abraham and Esther says Abraham is “the great Masters of the Universe!”  About Abraham








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