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“You create your own universe as you go along.” Winston Churchill

Similarly to millions, I have the sensational The Secret movie to thank for introducing me to the Law of Attraction.  Each spiritual journey contains Aha moments, moments of great insight, forever etched into the spiritual seekers heart and mind.  Watching The Secret 7 years ago was an Aha for me.  I was able to instantly see its evidence in my life, woven throughout its fabric,  although I hadn’t known how to articulate it, nor that it was a natural law of the universe.

For years I’d been headlocked into a negative, self depreciating, victimized thought/belief system.  And the outer circumstances of my life out- pictured this.  For instance I had little respect for myself and so this law said, Roger that, and brought me the like in the outer world; people who mirrored that disrespect and treated me poorly.  I ‘d never put the two together till I stumbled across The Secret.

Yet perhaps my most dramatic example of its manifestation pertains to my now dual citizenship status:-

See, as a child I had a unfathomable fascination with America.  In fact I’d sought out and avidly written to a Floridian penpal who I went to stay with at age 15.  Fast forward 20 years and here I am, married to an American, and living in Florida.  True to the workings of the law of attraction, I ‘coincidentally’ met my American soldier in a bar in Sierra Leone, of all places, long after my obsession with all things American had subsided in favor of heady rebellion.  Unbeknown to me, I had sent a strong message to the universe as a child through my thoughts, feelings and imaginings that Florida was the place for me.  And so it is.

You don’t need me to join the dots: With the conscious application of this law the implications for your happiness are staggering.

It doesn’t matter whether you subscribe to the law of attraction or not.  It works in your life nonetheless, as all-embracing and nondiscriminatory as the law of gravity. My life really started to change when I learnt how to harness it.

It teaches:-

1)  Your thoughts are vibrational, powerful and creative.  To recycle Mike Dooley’s term (a teacher featured in The Secret)  ‘Thoughts become things.’ I’m sure you’ve seen the workings of this in your own life; those days when your thoughts are sour, polluted with negativity, swimming with ideas of defeat and dread and fear are days that you just seem to attract unfavorable circumstances to you.  Alternatively, next time you have a great day, watch your thoughts, notice how positive and uplifting they are.

2)  It is impossible to be having good thoughts and be feeling bad, and vice versa.  Your thoughts and feelings are inextricably linked.  So if you are feeling bad, look back to your thoughts and see the culprit.   Plant a positive thought or memory instead, let in fizz, and see how this new train of thoughts redirect your feeling tone.

How can I use the law of attraction in my favor?

Basically the law of attraction says, what you concentrate on you will attract to you: Like attracts like.  So to harness this magnificent law in your favor, here are a few suggestions:-

1)  Create a vision board, like mine below, pinned with the pictures of all the things you want out of life.  Pop it somewhere you’ll see it often and allow your mind to absorb its content.  This is an illustrative way to say to the universe, this is what I want.

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2) Write out how you want your life to look in all areas- spiritually, relationally, monetarily, professionally, personally- and read it to yourself everyday, ideally.  This is effectively like getting in your car and tapping in your desired address into the GPS; you are giving the law of attraction a clear message, take me here. 

3) Rhonda Byrne is the author of The Secret and she advises you to start small.  So make it your intention to attract a certain person to contact you by holding them in your minds eye and imagining your phone bleeping.  Employ as many of your senses as you can muster, to make the image as real as possible.  Think of that person often.  You may have done this unintentionally in the past, thought about a friend and then, golly gosh, they contact you.

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” Buddha

The law of attraction is such a vast and widely written about subject, supported by the most spiritually acclaimed beings on the planet, past and present.  The Bible alludes to it in Galatians 6:7,  ‘for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.’ Modern science too, quantum physics, explains its workings in a more scientific, detailed way, which appeals to many people wanting to get a deeper, less woo-woo explanation of it.

The Secret is a good starting block, a good introduction to this law.  However, if I must fault it, I do find it a little sensational and overly simplified. For the past 7 years I’ve researched and read the books of nigh every featured teacher on The Secret, which have sprouted me off in profound directions in my spiritual journey.  The upper shelves of our bookshelf are heaving with featured Secret teachers, explaining the law of attraction from this angel and that.  I have listed my favorite below, some written over 100 years ago:-

The Power: Rhonda Byrne (I’d recommend you start with this book; it’s simple, engaging and life-changing)

Infinite Possibilities: Mike Dooley

The Attractor Factor: Joe Vitale

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham: Esther & Jerry Hicks

The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking: Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

The Master Key System: Charles Haanel (100 years old, not the lightest read, so I don’t suggest you start with this book)

Thoughts Become Things: Prentice Mulford (Mulford coined the term the law of attraction.  This book was written in 1889)

To stir your sense of wonder, to become wide-eyed with fascination and delight and childish glee, I heartily encourage you to watch the movie The Secret. If you are an Amazon Prime customer, you get it for free with Prime Instant Video.  If not, its widely available for the price of a cup of coffee. Don’t just take my word for it, read other people’s reviews before you decide to purchase  The Secret DVD

See for yourself why The Secret has been dubbed as a cultural and publishing phenomenon, and why the book version has sold more than 19 million copies worldwide and been translated into 46 different languages.

I believe its astonishing global success is down to the wisdom and truth it imparts.  And we, as essentially spiritual beings, recognize the truth when we meet it.



Let me know your thoughts on todays subject below in the comments.  What’s your experience with the law of attraction?  Have you seen/read The Secret?  And don’t forget to register to become part of our Bright Side Community.  Join in on either of the discussions or, create your own.  Remember, Bright Side is your sunny space, and I’d love to learn more about you so that I can serve you better in the future.




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