The Gift of Giving Gifts

One of the most powerful ways to make someone feel loved and deeply touched is to give them a gift with sentiment and thought.  The amount of money spent is really irrelevant.  Offering a beloved a gift designed to stir their heart is equally as rewarding to you as the giver.  You too relish the wrapping paper being peeled back, drink in their initial reaction of surprise or puzzlement or wonder at what lies inside and explode into feelings of delight once revealed.

When we give a creative gift it shows time, thought, love and is often something sentimental that’ll last a lifetime, rather than the latest expensive fad sure to find its way to the charity given a few years.

So if someone you love has a birthday or celebration coming up (Fathers Day is around the corner too) why not offer them a gift they’ll treasure in mind and heart-as well as physically- for years to come?

Here are some ideas:-

1) Make a treasure box; is a loved-one about to give birth, get married or reach an age landmark? Decorate a crafts box bought from an art shop (like Michael’s in US), and decorate the outside with whatever is suitable, perhaps photos, stickers and/or the recipients favorite quotes/prayers.  Now they have a precious keepsake box to store all their beloved things related to this event.

2) Make a scrapbook; again, visit an art store and buy decorative stickers and adornments for the photos and other items you use in the scrapbook.

3) If you are a keen artist, paint/draw a picture and frame it. As a writer, I like penning poems for my loved-ones. My friend once gave me a scroll with a beautiful message on it, so you can showcase your words this way or simply inside a greeting card.  If you have a creative talent- pottery, furniture making, book binding- use it to gift a loved-one with.

Lindsey gifted me with this Buddha she'd painted; one of my most treasured possessions.

Lindsey gifted me with this Buddha she’d painted; one of my most treasured possessions.

4)  Make a video: pool together photos to include, displayed on a background of their favorite music, add in messages and befitting quotes.

5)  Experience presents: You can either purchase pre-planned experience gifts based on their interests or tailor your own. How about taking your loved-one on a surprise day/weekend trip?  Tell them what to pack or wear and then pick them up and whisk them away to a treat they’ll always remember.

6)  There is nothing quite as special as when a loved-one gives you with something you might have mentioned desiring in passing, or has clearly listened to the subtle whims of your heart. What are your loved-ones interests?  Photography? Travel?  Or what have they mentioned wanting to get into?  Base a gift around these loves.  If it is a field wholly unfamiliar to you, ask someone with the same interest for ideas.

7)  Create a hamper/basket based around their interest; if they like to cook, how about some special food items, a gift card to their favorite shop or restaurant,  a cookbook and some kitchen items.

8)  Make a music CD with songs that represent your feelings/relationship towards them or simply their favorite music genre. You can decorate the CD cover insert card too, and even write the track list on the inside for them.

9)  Homemade cards are lovely or ones that you can personalize online too are super; try Moonpig US or the UK version is here.  Courtesy of Moonpig, can make cards from the comfort of your computer desk that are very often as memorable, funny and/or as inspired as a gift itself.  As well as cards you can personalize doorstep-delivered champagne bottles and have flowers and balloons ordered too.  The likes of Moonpig is particularly useful if you live a good distance away from loved-ones, like me.

The more fun you have thinking and creating their gift is usually indicative of the equivalent joy they’ll experience in receiving it.  And it doesn’t even have to be a special occasion to warrant a gift, in fact, those are the best kind, inspired by love and gratitude alone.  Plan ahead and throw open the windows of your imagination.  Pinterest is a wonderful resource to find inspiration and Etsy is an online store full of homemade items that are made with love, talent and individuality.

Happy gifting!  I’d love to hear your ideas too…what is the best present you’ve ever received or given?







  1. Eric says:

    Beer and whiskey are a guy’s favorite as well. Can never go wrong with those. LOL… in fact, the more beer or better the whiskey, the more grateful the guy will be ….. Just sayin…. Sorry…. couldn’t resist… being a guy and all.

    That being said, all of the ideas listed in the article above are really great as well…..

  2. Anna Berardi says:

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  3. Yvette says:

    Hi Anna, Thanks so much for your comment, and what an inspired store! I’ve just had a peek at Trades of Hope and gosh, yes, what beautiful unique gift ideas. So special to know that your money, as you say, is helping women out of poverty. Thanks for the share, and I encourage our readers to take a look too at

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