Self Love Week 5: Your POW(erful) Mind



Happy Friday!  I’m feeling all zip a dee doo dah just from writing this post for you today, imagine how you’re going to feel engaging in it?!

As an excited Tom Jones from ‘The Voice UK’ would say, “YEAH!”

This bit is so full of feel-good because bulleted below are practical, easy to use mind tools that can zoom you right up the ‘feeling bad to feeling rad (ical:-)’ scale.

Feeling low about yourself, need a lift?  The powerful potential to do just that lies within the beautiful walls of You…

1) Power of thoughts.  The thoughts you have dictate your feelings.  As Rhonda Byrne* says, it is impossible to be having good thoughts and be feeling bad, and vice versa.  This does not mean you have to check every thought (that’s a phew, seeing as we have between 35-48 thoughts per minute) but if you are feeling bad about yourself, then look to your thoughts as to why.

Would you like to go on with this feeling tone for the remainder of the day, or would you prefer to stop and choose more self serving thoughts?  Oftentimes negative thoughts have built up a lot of momentum during the day.  Pausing to identify them as the cause of your sore mood will take a lot of the sting out of them.  Try to reset by indulging in a few cleansing breaths and selecting a thought that makes you smile.  If it helps, pick up an inspiring magazine or watch a short funny YouTube video to really mush your mind in feel-good scenes.* (Look to the resource section for a kick start or do share your favorites below).

2) Careful what you feed your mind; Seemingly it’s those with heightened sensitivity that tend to be prime candidates for low self esteem.  Just as those with sensitive skin treat their skin accordingly with gentle products, extend the same courtesy to your mind.  Take a feelings inventory whilst reading a magazine or watching a TV show/movie.  How do you feel?  Is your sense of peace disturbed after starring wide-eyed at that scary movie? Do you feel deflated and inferior since flicking through the pages of your celebrity magazine?  Perhaps that compelling reality TV show leaves you reeling and wired from all bickering.

Ok then, let’s have fun filling it to the brim with bright things: Woohoo!  What makes your mind fizzle with feel-good?  For me its things like cozy lifestyle shows, hobby magazines, uplifting blogs, Victorian literature, laugh-out-loud family movies, sitting cross-legged mit Starbuck Latte in a bookshop/library, books abound.  I love things that add to me, inspire, motivate, scintillate, not things that take away.

Just think of your favorite mind fillers.  Mmmm, see how good that feels?!

This slips neatly into our next point…

3) Gratitude: When you’re feeling punctured, fall into gratitude.  It’s the most powerful and instantaneous way I know to feel better.  You can write five things you’re grateful for in the morning or evening (or simply simmer on them mentally).  I like to wear one of my daughter’s bright hair bands on my wrist throughout the day.  Whenever I catch sight of it, I think of something that I’m grateful for.

4) Affirmations‘I am enough.’ ‘I love and accept myself just as I am.’ POW! Take that low self esteem!  Positive statements like these, spoken in the present tense, are mindfully impressive. If repeated frequently, the subconscious will start to absorb them as truth and with this positive filter, will actively seek evidence/reinforcement of this belief:  Remember beliefs are just a conglomeration of thoughts.

5) You can pad out your affirmation into an affirmative prayer.  Here is (a chunk) of my own personal one I say daily over morning coffee:

Dear God (or whatever word suits you. You can even address it to the future you)

Thank you for helping me generate so much self love.  I feel ten feet tall, full of love to give and bold in every unfamiliar situation.  I am ready to let go of the restrictive thoughts and beliefs that tied me to fear.  I walk out in Love now.  Through you I feel I have burst the confines of ego in such a beautiful way. 

I thank you for removing the energetic blocks I have to being a happy and successful…. (fill in the blank)

Scribble an affirmative prayer/statement out on paper or save it to your computer.  Make it something that really sends your feelings skywards  (or copy mine, if you like).  Read it daily for an instant mood-boost.

6) Visualization:  Visualizations are a mental projection of the future.  The idea is if we can invite all our senses into a mental future film of ourselves then the mind will spark into law of attraction mode and seek to bring that vision into physical reality.  If you’re stuck in an ‘I don’t like who I am right now’ place then ask yourself, what do I want my future self to be like?  Would s/he be funny, confident, prosperous?  What would you look like?  What would you have achieved?  Allow your mind to muster up this future you ideal, imagining as many details as you can.  To help you along, there’s a Future You guided visualization in the resource section.      

7) Sleep Hypnosis: Do you charge your iPhone overnight?  If so when you wake up, you have a nice full battery to start the day with.  I see hypnosis as a little like this.  It’s an easy way to charge your subconscious mind overnight, to feast it on subliminal self loving messages.  Fall to sleep absorbing mental impressions that will boost the way you feel about yourself.  For my favorites, see the appropriate resource section.

Your mind is your most potent powerhouse to generate self love.  It dictates all things.  And the best bit of all?  Now you’re becoming familiar with its working, everything in your world can change for the better.






General Self Love Material:-

‘Loving Yourself: Online Video Course : 21 Days to Improved Self-Esteem with Mirror Work Course with Louise Hay and Friends’

‘The Power is Within You’ (book) Louise L Hay

1) *Rhonda Byrne is a best-selling author and film maker of worldwide hit movie, ‘The Secret.’ Thoughts become feelings taken from her second book ‘The Power’

(The three resources above are the only ones that are not free, the rest are)…

*Quick fix feel-good video resources:

4) For more affirmation information this is a great resource

Louise L Hay ‘Affirmations and Power Thoughts’

6)* Future You Visualizations:

7) ‘Daily Affirmations: Increase your Self Love’ Zhanna Hamilton  This is technically not a hypnosis but I use it as such, it sends me right off to sleep with feel-good self messages.  (This particular one is free if you have Audible like me but if not the ones listed below are entirely free to all…

‘Deep Sleep programming for Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Natural Happiness’

‘Sleep Hypnosis for Self Confidence’


As always I’d love to hear from YOU.  Have a beautiful weekend!