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Photo credit: Angel Investing

(Photo credit: Angel Investing)

Good Morning!

How are you doing? So hope you’re well and if not, well, you’re in the right spot for a dose of feel-good. I’m feeling particularly peppy this morning after a celebratory and insightful weekend at the HayHouse I Can Do It conference in Orlando.

I Can Do It pools together the most beloved HayHouse authors and teachers in the self help/personal development field. On Friday I had a workshop with transformational teacher Dr. Barbara De Angelis  and on Sunday I saw motivational teacher Mike Robbins, Soul Coach Denise Linn and-synchronistical for this article- Radleigh Valentine , who is famed for his work with the angels. I must add, he’s also a hilarious and jubilant guy who laughed us through most of his talk!

Before we start chatting about angels again, I want you to know that if you would like to find some spiritual cheerleaders to help you in your journey to more happiness, enlightenment and fulfillment then check out HayHouse Radio which hosts all of the aforementioned teachers and many more to help you maximize your body, mind and spirits potential. Its a radio station streaming love, joy and often life-altering insight into your heart 24 hours a day. I listen to it whilst preparing dinner in the evening and to keep me company doing the housework and always find it fascinating and full of warm wisdom.

Ok then; angels! Communicating with these ethereal beings is so simple, and such a joyous and rewarding experience. So how to do we reach out?

1) Ask the angels for help. They know your thoughts so you can ask for what you need help with mentally or you can ask out loud. Use whichever method suits you or your mood. No formal invocation is necessary, remember, they’re friends. Angels will just be delighted you invited them into your life because as we chatted about last week, they cannot help without your expressed permission.

Believe that the angels are then working on your request and expand your awareness to notice the signs and synchronicities they drop into your day to day experience. Radleigh referred to this as “staying awake” during his ‘Life is Magical’ lecture on Sunday. So notice what spikes your attention, don’t write it off as a coincidence-there is no such thing! Are they answering your question through the lyrics of a song on the car radio, through the message of a car bumper sticker, a billboard poster, a storyline on your favorite soap, or a conversation you overhear in Starbucks?

The question is not will the angels help me? Rather it’s, will I be awake to notice the help offered?

2) Angels cards are terrific fun and widely available. I buy mine from Amazon. They consist of 44 beautifully illustrated cards, all of which offer a positive, encouraging and insightful message to any question that you’d like to ask such What is my life purpose? Will I ever get married? Should I move? How can I help my child? Ask whatever is on your heart. Every deck of cards comes with a guidebook which explains the specific meanings of the card drawn, as well as how to use your deck.

I encourage you to really peer into each drawn card before you hurry to the guidebook explanation of that card. This is because the angels are oftentimes trying to speak to you not from just the more so limited and generic wordage on the card but also through the illustration and content of card; the colors, the feelings it provokes, the thoughts that come bubbling up to the surface of your consciousness during the reading and even the noises and disturbances you may hear outside. Trust that all available resources are being drawn together by the angels to answer your query.

I have in fact drawn a card for you this morning from my deck of Doreen Virtue, PhD, Archangel cards. I asked the simple question, “what do you need to know?” The answer I got gave me the title for this post: “Spread Your Wings.” The Archangel it represents is Archangel Ariel who I always see as a gutsy, gung-ho sort of angel, full of passion and readiness to serve all living beings. ‘She’ (angels are androgynous although we tend to associate them with a gender for our sake, usually determined by the type of help they specialize in) helps the environment, animals and those who work in areas where they are of service to others, teachers and healers, for example.

So, given ‘her’ character and the title of the card she’s unequivocally telling you to go for it! Is there something in your life you’ve been thinking about, but not sure if its right for you? This Archangel tells you “Do not hold back right now. The timing is perfect, and you are ready to soar!”

Photo credit: Playbuzz.com

Photo credit: Playbuzz.com

3) For our more left-brained friends, numerology is an excellent way to commune with the angels and build trust in their signs. Simply say something like, ok angels, connect with me through numbers. The angels will gladly send you messages through number sequences. If you see certain numbers repeated often this is a definite sign, and the angels will know what resource you will use to decrypt the meaning so trust in its meaning. For a quick explanation of angel numbers I refer to Joanne Walmsley site so you could do likewise or purchase Doreen Virtue’s, PhD’s popular book Angel Numbers 101

4) Pendant communication: Hold a necklace with a pendant at the bottom as steadily in one hand as possible (use a table to rest your elbow and even support your lower arm/elbow to keep the pendant still using your other hand). Now ask your angels to communicate with you through this divination tool. Before you start, stop any pendant movement by stilling the pendant with one hand. Ask a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question of the angels that you already know the answer to. This is to establish how they answer ‘Yes,’ and how they answer ‘No’. For instance, the pendant may swing circularly to the right repetitively in answer to questions that you know are ‘Yes’, such, as Is my name … or Am I …years of age. This indicates that this is your angels’ way of answering ‘Yes’. Similarly a circular movement to the left may be the angels’ ‘No’ answer. It’s likely you’ll get a ‘Maybe’ too, which may be the pendant swinging back and forth towards you, then away.

Bear in mind that your angels’ answer to ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ may be the opposite way, or back and forth motions.

Once you’ve established their ‘code’ for answering you, ask your angels a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer question that you don’t know the answer to but would love to.  Am I going to get that promotion?  Does he love me? Will I sell my house in the next 2 months? Ask them exactly what is pressing on your heart, as they already know.

Simple as that! Try it with friends or even at your desk during lunch. Over the years my friends and I have found it to be staggeringly accurate and something of a favorite angel communication method.

It’s a little more of a limiting form of communication as the angels’ answers are restricted to ‘Yes,’ ‘No’ and ‘Maybe’ but that is sometimes all we need to receive.

5) Guided angel meditations create a sacred and mutual space for you to meet your angels in the arms of your imagination where they like to dwell.  Allow yourself to be lulled into a beautiful arena in your minds eye where you can start to attach a image of your guardian angel to your consciousness.

Radleigh Valentine introduced us to his guardian angel at Sunday’s lecture.   His angel takes the form of an elder brother because Radleigh had always wanted one in his physical life.

During my first angel mediation I asked my guardian angel’s name and ‘Ophelia’ popped into my head. I later looked up the meaning of this name. It meant Help. How fitting.

You don’t have to meet your guardian angel during meditation though, YouTube is packed with meditations to call on specific Archangels to help with self esteem, healing, manifestation and a whole host more.

I personally find angel meditations the most effective form of communication. By going within and withdrawing our senses from the distracting physical world we become more centered, peaceful and ignited by imagination. (Imagination, by the way, is no less real than the physical world; more real in fact. We tend to dismiss it because it is not reachable by the five senses).

In this calmer dimension we can raise our vibration to mesh with the angels. See, we reside at a much lower vibrational frequency day to day than the angels who dwell in Love, not the Love/Fear plane that we do. If we want to interact with our angels it helps immeasurably if we can go to a place that raises our feeling tone up to joy, peace and serenity.

So not only is meditation a fertile soil for such communication but also anywhere-either tangible or not- that provokes similar feelings such as being out in nature or listening to soul-soothing music.

I so hope you’ve enjoyed chatting about angels!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing about these incredible Light Beings. If you have any questions then please comment below, I’d be so happy to hear your thoughts and reflections.

Once you invite angels into your life, I guarantee, you’ll never let them slide out of your experience again. You’re not alone. Trust that. If you’re still skeptical, ask yourself, would it benefit me more to take this leap of faith, or not?







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