Remember When…

This is a wee poem I wrote last year about reminding ourselves of the essence of our unbridled childhood glee and wonderment.  Children don’t think about happiness, they are inspired by the world to simply Be it.  The don’t tend to worry about yesterday, or tomorrow, but are locked into present moment awareness, just as animals are and nature is.  When we are in the company of children, pets and in the natural world we often feel more present too, less consumed and absent minded.  I hope this poem helps to deliver you, even for a fleeting moment, back to a more carefree time.look

Remember when…


The twinkles of nighttime stars consumed you…

You bounced after a seagull

Laughed till Balance objected

Got crinkled from hours of pool games


Remember when…

You marveled into the moon through peeked curtains

Books equaled escapism

Art defied coloring into lines


Do you still recollect…

The tickle of a daisy chain

The smell and smush of mud

Finding solace in the folds of a garden tree


Do you still have…

Playtime with no purpose

The time to entertain your world of dreams

Friends you can’t see


Is Life…

A course in miracles

The eager smile after heavy slumber

Mystery and Magnificence married


Is Life

All Right

by your


Inner Child?

Sincerely, Spirit


This photo of my daughter was taken by my dear friend and photographer, Lindsey Ramage





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  1. Misael says:

    Well, it’s a full plate of cake. And for me to eat it all at once, that would be disturbing. If I spared it out over several days, then it is not. A piece a day, or a piece a meal, and life is fine.

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