New Year Resolutions with Staying Power

Photo credit: Lindsey Ramage

Photo credit: Lindsey Ramage Instagram @lindsjoanne

Happy New Year! Look at us, in 2016!  Did you have a riotous and drunken time ringing in the New Year?!  Perhaps yours was a more dignified affair, watching the fireworks from the telly as 12am struck across different parts of the world?  Or did you not even make it to midnight, thanks to young children, indifference or… just plain tiredness?!

However you welcomed in 2016, here we are! Oftentimes we resolve to make a positive change in our life on the back of a pretty unhealthy and indulgent December.  Our recent gluttony and frivolity with finances makes us even more determined to say to ourselves, STOP, YOU MAD PERSON!  And isn’t the  New Year just the ripest of times to usher in such a new resolution?!

So what’s your resolution, my friend? Have you bothered making one this year?!  My resolution is so be a more engaged friend. (And I’m sure my friends will hold me accountable to this one:-) Thanks to years of nomadic wanderings and a plethora of foreign addresses, I have friends spread across England, America and family-like pals in Germany too.  Dear as they are, I’m pretty poor at plumping myself down and making time for a Facetime conversation.  It shouldn’t be that way, because after every call I feel joy-filled and enthused.  Not calling is really a pleasure I’m denying myself, and perhaps my friends feel the same.

So what I’ve told myself-and perhaps this may help you too-is to ‘manage your expectations.’  I learned this phrase from 2015’s UK ‘The Apprentice.’  So if I’ve ‘not got the time’ (ie, haven’t prioritized) a call to my far flung friends, then I can at least send them a heartfelt message and vow to call soon.  Crappy effort as it is, at least they know they’re in my thoughts.

Rome, my friend, wasn’t built in a day.  So rather than try to coerce great positive change into your life, be patient with yourself.  Allow the change to ebb and flow naturally, remembering that most of us put our mind and body through quite a stressful ordeal over Christmas, so they may take a wee while to catch up with our lofty, ambitious New Years Resolutions.

For instance, I chuckled over a friend’s Facebook photo recently: Avec Costa cuppa and cozy pj’s, she was watching an exercise video from the comfort of her sofa.  Humorous as it was intended to be, it was still a definite step in the right direction.

Its really helpful to ask yourself this question: Am I making this resolution out of Fear or Love? Every action you ever take is either grounded in one or the other.  A decision rooted in Fear-whether conscious or not-may well scupper good intentions.  Conversely, a decision made from Love will follow a much more delightful and unobstructed path to fruition.

See, emotional wellbeing is just as important as physical. So for example, if you’ve decided to get fit, how are you presenting this resolution to yourself?  Are you glumly waiting in line for the treadmill at the gym, along with all the other disillusioned resolutioners?  Or are you imbuing your resolution with a dollop of love; finding activities that you love to do, and counting those as your exercise?


Rather than making our resolutions painful, we can aim to make them as positive as possible. Action is not the only way forward; researching your resolutions works too.  Just like my friend avec cuppa, sofa-watching exercise videos.

It reminds me of the prophetic teachings of Anita Moorjani in her incredible book ‘Dying to Me.’ Pre near death experience she did everything she could to be healthy. She ate meticulously well, avoided toxins like the plague, exercised, practiced yoga.  Yet her emotional wellbeing was way off.  And the reasons she did all these healthy things was because she was so fearful of becoming ill and dying, which by the way, did not work:  In 2006 she lay comatose from cancer, her essential organs shutting down. So these actions-although healthful for the body-were born out of Fear.  After her wondrous and beautiful near death experience she was assured of a scintillating afterlife.  Therefore once her major fear-death-was cleared away she was able to come back to really inhabit her life from a place of Love, not Fear.  Anita has made sure she loves what she eats, what she drinks, what she does and who she surrounds herself with ever since.

The moral of the story is move into your resolutions with Love! Love coming up with them, love planning what you’ll do, love acting on your resolutions.  Love-love-love:-)

As New Thought Entrepreneur Mike Dooley says in my 2016 February calendar page:-

“I’d say the biggest decision of your life was not your career, your marital status, or your home…it was choosing to love as often as you have.”

Namaste. Here’s wishing you a fantastic 2016!  Good things are on the horizon for us, my friend, I can feel it!



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