Letting the Body Be

#Maria Sellars

#Maria Sellars

So here’s a first, Bright Siders; I’m honored that our Tuesday post is written by guest and friend, Maria Sellars.

Before we sit back with her inspiring article recounting her calamitous road accident and subsequent recovery journey, allow me to introduce Maria to you.

Some months ago, I stumbled into a Maria Sellar’s yoga class at Sweetwater Yoga and Fitness, Florida. It was something of a transformative experience; the distracted Yvette that went in was quite different to the serene Yvette that floated out. Maria has the gift of healing, represented by her silky, honey-toned voice, which almost kisses the spirit as she eloquently slides you from one asana (yoga pose) to the next. Her tantalizing massage offerings throughout the class just ooze the mind, body and soul into delicious union. As I’ve said to fellow yoga students, also in mutual agreement, she has ‘magic’ hands. Gifted, she is; special. And with that, she’s sweet-souled, charismatic and always radiating crisp, warm energy, embracing all whom enter her sunny sphere.

Thank you, Maria, for writing today’s post…

Today it is 4 months since I was hit by an f-150 while riding my bike. The truck was traveling 10-15 mph when he struck me on my left side. An F-150 weighs approximately 4400-5500 pounds and I weigh 125. Now you add the accelerated force of being hit and the original 10-15 mph turns in to a lot more with the big heavy frame of the truck vs. me and my bike.

Luckily for me, I was able to semi-catch my fall so I did not completely go down and bust my head open or severely break any bones. Yet, when you don’t have any scars to show or a cast to wear, it is harder for people to understand the injuries that are there. The MRI results came back as a herniated disc in my L5/S1 and a high intensity tear in the medial meniscus on my right knee. Both of these injuries can cause a lot of inflammation and damage over time if they are not cared for properly.

As someone who has worked in the wellness industry for the last 8 years, I know the importance of giving my body adequate time to heal. That meant in the beginning taking 2.5 months off yoga and vigorous exercise. Sure I would do yin practices and walk as much as I could, but that was it I backed off. At this point I am relearning what my new “normal” (at least for now) is. Some vigorous practices cause my knee to swell and or my hip to lock up. Some things, like driving for 4 hours will do the same thing. In these instances, I back off. I document what I may have done to trigger it so I can avoid it happening again.

The body is strong and powerful, while at the same time being delicate and fragile. I have so much honor, respect, and love for my body that I back off and allow it to heal with as much time as it needs. It is really easy to live life through the ego, muscling through the pain and causing more scarring (physically and mentally), but easing up is a challenge. Getting your mind out of the way as it tells you “go harder”, “you have to”, “remember how your jeans fit”, etc. Eventually this pattern of thinking will catch up with us, and accentuate the problem to be even worse than before.

I am just 26 years young and I enjoy being active! 26 is a young age to be diagnosed with injuries like that, which is why I need to be extra mindful and respectful of my body. If you are injured, please listen to YOUR body. Not to your ego, not to other people, tune in to you. Listen to your body, let your ego go, and give yourself TIME because truly time and honor for the self are what it takes to heal.

Maria, we see, lives and breathes her healing prescriptions for herself, everyday, because of such challenging circumstances.  She embraces all of herself; whether hurt or sore or less able than before.

Yet her gentle energy belies the ambitious fire in her belly, and her awe-inspiring competence and extensive knowledge of the body, channeled to help and to heal others. Maria Sellars has worked in the Wellness Industry since 2007. Through her work as a Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer she has developed an understanding of the body and its connection to the mind. Through her guidance she hopes to inspire people to be more aware and to be more in love with themselves, physically and mentally.

For more from Maria, find her at http://mariasellars.com on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @AllStudioSubs




  1. Melissa says:

    I love this! As someone who has sustained similar back injuries, this is a needed reminder! I am guilty of pushing even when my body says no. I pay for it later. Like Maria said, it is hard to be so young and have these types of injuries.

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