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Sometimes we get things backwards, huh?!  For instance, for a long time I attributed happiness to acquisition.  Really, though, like many, I’ve experienced its conversely about letting things go that no longer serve us.

Think about Beth’s post Are You Metabolizing Your Emotions?; its our digestive system that’s forced to harbor our trapped feelings of guilt, fear, resentment and this can eventually manifest in dis-ease.  Our hearts too.  If we let these emotions go, we’ll be available to that delicious happiness, expansion and sense of freedom.

Letting go of things that are weighing us down is so energizing, so thrilling, liberating.  How about we look at some examples of figures we may know of and their experiences of letting go?

1) Lets start with our title’s namesake, Disney’s Frozen movie.  Once Elsa’s unique ‘curse’ of being able to turn everything she touches into ice is common knowledge, she reveals, after the initial horror, her triumphant authentic self, unleashing her incredible gift and morphing into a figure of awe, beauty and strength.  In letting go of her fear, she was able to learn to understand her gift.

2) Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) let go of a life of princely pleasure and protection to venture out in the real world, where death, poverty, old age and disease were all around.  He chose an ascetic life over an indulged one which eventually, as we know, led to his Enlightenment.

3) Blessed Margaret Pole, a contemporary and almost Granny figure to the heinous King Henry V111th, was the oldest victim of Henry’s reign, being savagely beheaded at aged 67.  All her life she’d cooed and remained loyal to Henry, despite his barbaric behavior.  Yet finally, when faced with the horrifying block in the Tower of London, she let go of a lifetimes calm admission in final remonstration to a cruel tyranny that had slaughtered so many innocents.

4) Elizabeth Gilbert in the book/movie Eat, Pray, Love lets go of the guilt and hurt in her heart over her recent divorce in a poignant ceremony on the roof of an ashram in India. From there on out, she feels free to move on with her life.

5) Modern spiritual teachers such as Dr. Barbara De Le Angelis and Doreen Virtue, PhD, forfeited lucrative and hard-earned careers in psychology, for which they were well-known and respected, in favor of risking everything for brand new professional endeavors, echoing the whispers of their hearts.

Many of us are paralyzed by fear at the thought of letting things go.  But still our hearts and mind persist that our happiness and liberation is dependent on this very act.  Sometimes letting go is simply a physical act, of making room in a crowded lifestyle.  How can we achieve this?

1)  Holding on to too many physical possessions is a sure fire way to drain our energy.  Have a thorough clear out of your home, drawer by drawer, room by room.  Notice the increasing feeling of lightness and clear-headedness that replaces the dank, dense suppression of knowing you have too much.  We need only watch an episode of a hoarders show to witness how this simple act can have hugely beneficial implications on a life.  We also see how this hoarding is an act born of fear, not, as supposed, from love.

2) Exercise; especially dance or any organic movement that allows you to express through it.

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3) Create; blog, draw, paint, sculpt…siphon that energy into artistry.  There’s a reason why so many great artists and writers are seen as a bit loopy.  For they channel these emotions into their work.  Better out than in:-)

4) Go to the beach and see how this enchanted setting is The Free Stress Relief That Works Like Magic.  Mum always says, “it blows the cobwebs away.” Right she is.

5)  Get to a physical space not hampered by responsibility, normalcy and expectations, and just Be.  Allow this to be the dedicated time and space to let it go.  Every year I try and go on some sort of retreat or workshop, dedicated to my well-being.  I always come back shifted for the better.

Alright then, you may wisely ask, how about if I need to let go on a deeper spiritual/emotional level, perhaps from addiction or a haunting childhood, a painful relationship or a past event?

1) Its our natural impulse to harbor ugly emotions.  But just like with a physical clear-out we need to own these feelings before we can relegate them to the rubbish pile.  Counseling, self help books addressing the issue, alternative therapies and even opening up to a friend can help to put that eroding emotion in its rightful place. 

2)  Kundalini yoga is a powerful process of an ancient technology, consisting of meditations, therapeutic movement, kriyas, and chants designed to help you let go of anything that does not serve you, of re-centering and purifying your ego, heart space and aura, of getting rid of stagnant energy.

You needn’t even be sure of the meaning of what you’re chanting, nor the particulars of what exactly you need to release.  You’ll emerge from a kundalini class quite altered; vibrationally lighter, calmer and happier.  Like the reset button has been depressed and energetic gunk left behind, much like a snake shedding its skin or a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

3) Conduct a releasing ceremony. Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert, I once wrote a letter to an ex boyfriend, filled with every emotion the toxic relationship seemingly forced me into. Then I burned it, watching the flames lick it into floaty wisps of dust, and I felt left with a bandaged heart after all the raw hurt.  By symbolically releasing the pain this translates into physically feeling better.

4)  I like Lori Deschene’s advice in tiny buddha.  She advises you to feel fully, and to ‘cry it out’:-

“According to Dr. William Frey II, PH.D., biochemist at the Ramsey Medical Center in Minneapolis, crying away your negative feelings releases harmful chemicals that build up in your body due to stress.”

5) Douse your mind, heart and spirit into an intentional space for letting go through releasing meditations such as…

6) Repeat letting go affirmations.  Its advantageous to make yours up, based on the particulars of your intention.  Just remember the 3 P’s: Write it in the Present, as if it is happening right now, make it Positive, and make it Precise.  Below are some to give you an idea:-

I let go of the past and embrace my bright new life.

I easily let go of material possessions which I know no longer serve me.

I release those who have hurt me in the past.  I embrace new healthy relationships.

In Conversations with God Book 3, I recall Neale Donald Walsh discovering that the most evolved beings on other planets live very simple lives, comparative to ours.  They live with nature, not in confliction, they don’t shut themselves away in boxes for 90% of their lives, nor do they have a need for clothes.  The Entity Neale spoke to-believed to be his filtered version of God- said that the nearest our planet has gotten to highly evolved living was demonstrated by the Native Americans and Aborigines.


Simplicity equates to happiness, far more than our over-worked, complicated lives, in which we lose our sense of selves within.

Alexander Graham Bell said “when one door closes another door opens,” because letting go creates more room in your life for new blessings to pour into, or for us to recognize the blessings that already exist.

let go

In what ways do you need to let go?

Your thoughts, reflections and comments are always so welcome.  And do share todays offering, if you feel inspired, please and thank you:-)

Namaste.  Have a bright and beautiful weekend!




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