In the Name of Health

I was listening to HayHouse* radio the other day- cooking- and a lady called Anita Moorjani* came on.  She’s had the most fascinating Near Death Experience and has written a book about it called ‘Dying to be Me’.

I’ve just ordered her book from Audible, listening to that will make my gym trip something to anticipate, and will of course make the mound of pre-mum-visiting- housework quite cheery.  Anyway, I’ll let you know how I like it.

Basically this incredible woman, Anita, had been in a coma, expected to pass over with all the cancer that riddled her body.  Her organs began shutting down and so her riveting dalliance with death began.  She accounts seeing her father, who had passed over, and all the animosity that she had felt towards him in life evaporate.  Just love.  The Love she describes feeling, in fact, was a love so other-wordly that she couldn’t (like all NDE accounts I’ve heard) find the words to accurately describe it.  Words-created for this world- are a weak surrogate for a window into NDE experiences, pointers at best.   All the same her description to me was eloquent and articulate. It sure did leave me smiling from the inside out.

I felt almost sorry for her when she chatted about how she was told she was to come back into her physical body after this sublime, delicious encounter.  Return she did.  But she wasn’t the same.

Within weeks Anita Moorjani was out of hospital, cancer free, much to the astonishment of the Doctors, who in their perplexity had her go back into hospital to thoroughly check for signs of it.  They could not believe that a body so consumed by tennis ball sized tumors could recover so wholly and so rapidly.  But she knew the cancer was gone the moment she came out of that coma. And her body reflected this knowing.

Recover she did.  No more was she afraid of the death. In fact, she was looking forward to this thing we name death. Many people fear it so much they will not even allow their minds to go there even for seconds of contemplation.  I was one of them.  Isn’t her experience SO reassuring?

You know what struck me the most about her story?  Her thoughts on life now.  It seems to me that those who understand life the best are those that understand death.  Anita surmises that before she died, everything she did-every decision, every act-was based on fear.  Now she lets Love to be her foundation for choices.

She said before getting cancer she did everything she could to avoid getting cancer.  Further proof to me (not that I need any more) that this law of attraction hype has got legs.  She’d watched and weeped as two people close to her died from the disease.  In an attempt to avoid getting cancer she consumed articles on the subject, how to do all she could to create a body as seemingly incompatible with the disease as possible.  She practiced yoga, she was a vegan, avoided all processed food, ate organic before it was trendy to.  She proclaims that she was a nightmare to eat out with because she was so particular about what she’d allow into her body!

With hindsight she can see her fear-laden attention to the disease drew her to it like a magnet. But the point I want to make is not about her attracting the disease to herself or not, it’s this:-

Practicing yoga, being vegan (to use her radio examples) are all well and good if you enjoy living this way.  If you don’t, do you really think coercing yourself into these habits and other similarly branded healthy- things- to- do will truly make you healthy, holistically?

For vibrant health and well-being Anita Moorjani prescribes indulging in health habits that make you happy, not the reverse. This would be health habits that come from that space of love, not fear.  Its so obvious but ignored by so many of us!  Anita knows now that it’s far more important to listen to your own body for it’s unique individual needs and wants.  Now, if she wants a piece of cake, she’ll have it.  She will not deny herself joy in such ways anymore.

Do you do that?  Do you do things you don’t want to do in the name of ‘health?’  You could say in doing so you’re sacrificing your spirit for your body.  We know to really be happy in mind, body and spirit we have to have them thrive harmoniously in unison.

Me?  I practice yoga, and I eat a mostly plant-based diet.  Except for fish, Starbucks latte’s and now and then a few ‘naughties’… salty crisps, popcorn.  Oh, go on then, and Cadbury’s chocolate during a particular time of the month:-)  But I often think, ‘I should eat more of this’…or ‘I shouldn’t be eating that’ even though I know – on the whole- I’m a happy, healthy gal.

Let us today remember Anita’s message.  Leave off with the ‘I shoulds.’ If you eat or drink something ‘naughty’ enjoy it, eat it consciously, relish it.  Give yourself permission to delight yourself because this is a true exclamation of self love and self care.

Being healthy and mindful of how you treat your body is wonderful- I myself am a subscriber to health and wellness.  BUT take a look at why you’re doing the things you do in the name of health and most importantly, how do they make you feel not just afterwards, but before and during too?  Are the sacrifices you make for your health too great, too extreme?  Balance is key here, as it is in so many areas of life.

Happy pondering, my friends.  As always I’d love to hear your thoughts.



* Hay House Radio is a station describing itself as “for your soul.”  It hosts some of the worlds greatest teachers in spirituality, health and wellness.!/


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