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For sure our dizzy information age where technology is evolving at a far greater rate than our spiritual unfoldment is posing its challenges.  But we’re here to revel in the Bright Side, right?!  We are living in an incredibly exciting age, we have unlimited information only seconds away from where we are at any time.  And there is SO much good stuff out there, a lot of it free resources.

The videos below are potent, they are powerful and every single one of them has made a profound impact on my life.  I’ve come to these videos at various times in my life where I felt wounded or sapped or depressed.  They have been the perfect tonic of inspiration.  I will go on watching these all my life, I will sit with my children and watch them (if they wish), because the keys to happiness and how life works are woven into every scene.

Boil the kettle, brew some hot chocolate or tea and wrap yourself in a throw.  Take some ‘You’ time today.  Remember doing so will serve others just as much as it does you.

And please, my friends, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  I love to hear your voice.

The above video is Louise L Hay’s ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ movie.  It is in English, despite appearances:-)  I often shoot this out to friends who need a lift, or who feel they’ve have lost direction on their life path.

Below is the full movie of ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.  This STILL gives me God-bumps when I watch, and I’ve seen it so many times.  ‘The Secret’ is a worldwide sensation and was the catalyst for great change in me and millions of others throughout the world. It will introduce you not only to the powerful Secret- a natural universal law that governs our lives- but also to some of the most popular spiritual souls gracing our planet today.

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith is a teacher featured on ‘The Secret.’  The video below is an introduction to the essence of Michael, rather than a video like the others that might be a spiritual staple video.   Joy and love seemingly radiate from this man like I’ve never seen in anyone before.  He’s your go-to funk-eliminator and no mistake:-)  Michael’s talks are riveting, because he talks so eloquently and originally, as if he is tapping into the God Source of himself and letting that ego-less part of himself come through.  My words are a muddy guidepost to express the magnificence of this man’s teachings.  Just watch a few minutes and you’ll see…

The video below is just a trailer to introduce you to- in my mind and millions of others- one of the greatest prophets in our world today.  Neale Donald Walsh is the author of the best-selling books ‘Conversations with God.’  These books have taken the world by storm.  They have given God back to many of faith and of no faith.  My husband, a usually not- impressed- or- bothered- by- the spiritual- kinda- guy, listened to ‘Conversations with God Book 1’ and wept with joy.  I have never seen anything garner such a reaction from him.  I gave this book to my traditionally Christian friend and she sat in her car, outside work, likewise with tears and prayers of gratitude for God for revealing through this incredible channel.  In fact, we started a group ‘Soul Sanctuary’ because of our desire to discuss this life-changing book series.

There are no words to accurately point at where these books can lead you to.  They will blow your mind.  For you I have included the trailer for the movie that was made about Neale Donald Walsh.  I have also included the audio for the first book, the rest are available on YouTube if your appetite is stirred.

We’ll leave it there:-)  A lot to hopefully tantalize your interest.  Watch the one that speaks to you today, or test drive them all.  If you have any similar inspiring video recommendations please do let me know, and do share your thoughts on these too.

A bright and beautiful day to you!




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