Be the Source

Be. The. Source. Wowzers, I thought, when I heard Neale Donald Walsh* utter these words. If you want a certain thing-be it wealth, love or, for our purposes, happiness, then cause another to feel this and you too shall have it.

It’s so simple, so evident in our lives, if you care to scout back and see.

Oftentimes we see happiness as an individual mission. What makes me feel a little lighter, a little brighter? We may look for it in physical things, or in the gratification of our body, mind and spirit. Yes, happiness can be generated this way but is it the easiest way?

There are four words that are tooted around so much these days that, rather than being a source of inspiration, they are so overworked that they are just as likely to be met with a rolling of the eyes. We Are All One. The vast majority of the time we feel so separate from one another, so aware of our differences, that this seems a concept too woo-woo to really settle in with. But Neale Donald Walsh’s Be the Source really helps us to experience that this concept is true. His message is if you want to feel happy then cause another to feel happy. I guess it’s a wee bit like you get back what you give out.

Does this ring with truth for you? Have you ever given a thoughtful or impromptu gift to someone and their joyous reaction to it made you feel taller, lighter, full of the joys of life? Have you ever given a homeless person money on impulse, an act of the heart, more than your logical mind thinks you can afford? Have you ever received a hearty hug from a loved one or friend in return for something you did for them? How did it make you feel? Yes! Their happiness is residual! Their happiness becomes yours too. Why? You got it; because We Are All One.

Course we humans like to complicate matters. How can I give happiness away when I don’t have it in the first place to give?! How can I give anything away- money, love- if I don’t first have it?! As Walsh says, this comes from our belief that we have to have something, to then do something, which then makes us be that thing. For example, to be happy we must first have the things/circumstances we think we need in order to be happy, then we can do things that happy people would do, and then we will be happy. Walsh says that’s like swimming against the tide. It’s backwards. If we want to experience happiness then we need to Be happy, then we will do the things happy people do and happiness will be ours. Be, Do, Have not Have, Do, Be.

But how do we Be happy when we feel sad?!   How do we get off the starting blocks?  How do we Be something we feel so far removed from? As Neale says, the easiest way to be something which you want, but notice you do not have, is to cause another to be that thing: Be. The. Source. Make somebody else happy and you will be happy!

Prove it to yourself; buy a coworker or a friend/family member a Starbucks coffee, call a elderly family member, cook a spouse their favorite meal, arrange for a bunch of flowers to be delivered to a loved-ones door just because you love them. The level of happiness you cause another to feel will be delivered back to you in equal measure. Light up their world and you- I promise- will light up yours.

* Neale Donald Walsh is the author of the Conversations with God book series, which have sold over 7.5 million copies worldwide in 37 different languages. According to me, he’s a prophet of our time, and one of the greatest spiritual teachers on our planet today. But don’t just take my word for it! Explore his work yourself.



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