Back Again…

Hello my friends,

Well, as you may know, mum had been staying from England.  As such we travel- lovers have been zipping around in search of the ‘real’ Florida.  We’ve visited some beautiful places and made some special memories that we’ll all keep close to heart.

Sad as it was to watch mum slip through the airport gate last night to head home,  I’m holding onto those memories tight.  Distance between you and someone you dearly love is not easy.  But what it does allow is a greater appreciation of that person and a determination to enjoy them when you do get together.

So mum’s visit was the reason for my recent lapse in posts.  But I’m genuinely thrilled to be back to ‘Bright Side of Life’ and give it all I can.  I know being a part of this increases my happiness levels significantly, I pray it does the same for you.

As our regular readers know, this is not the norm type of post but I wanted to simply say ‘Hi, I’m back’ and to tell you this: Thank you, thank you for all your support.  Every comment, every shot of encouragement lightens and brightens my day so much.  I’m really excited and inspired by what we’re generating here; a community committed to pulling out the best in each other.  And we do that by seeking and simmering in the bright side of us, of others, of life. 

Normal service will be resumed:-)  Thank you for hanging out and being patient with me during mum’s time with us.

IMG_0174Have a vibrant day!





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