5 Ways to Create Great Days


each new day

Every morning we have the potential to create ourselves and our day anew.  Yet, for most of us, we carry on thinking the same thoughts, doing the same things and then wonder why it feels like Groundhog Day.

Today is about taking advantage of the reset button that every morning gifts us with.  The reset button from yesterday has been pushed and any residual momentum has been lost during sleep.  This is why we are often advised that we’ll feel much better if we sleep on it after a bad day.

So how do we set ourselves up for a bright and beautiful today?

1)  Your thoughts are powerful. They create your mood and therefore your perspective on the world and even what you physically attract to you (the law of attraction).  So in that dozy state between sleep and wake feed your mind a positive thought.  Abraham Hicks* says if you can hold that happy thought for at least 17 seconds then you will have created enough momentum to set a positive tone for the day.  Thoughts are contagious, get off the mark optimistically and you have created a powerful and positive charge.

Rhonda Byrne* refers to this in ‘The Secret’.  Have you ever stubbed your toe getting out of bed, missed your train to work and just everything after that spirals downwards?  Or the opposite, one good thing after another happens to you?  This is the law of attraction in action.  And it all starts with building a positive momentum of thoughts to start with.  If things go wrong, try and not let them tear you down from the cheery perspective but consciously pull yourself back up by replacing the negative thought with a positive memory or thought.  Put on your favorite song and sing along, laugh at yourself, go for a jog, deep breathe yourself back into the present moment- do whatever you can to clamber back up to that happier feeling.  Remember the longer you stew over negative thoughts and emotions, the more powerful they become and therefore the harder to break.

2) If you find it challenging to pick a happy thought and fizz on it for 17 seconds, try this to not only feel good but to get the wheels of attraction turning in your favor: Run through your day as if it has already happened.  Imagine everything you need to do today going perfectly.  Feel the handshake of your boss as s/he congratulates you on the presentation you have to make, see your client laughing and chatting away with you over lunch, imagine feeling light as a feather as you see your child walk out of school, feel the loving embrace you share.  Dwell, smush and soak your mind in these positive-feel-good vibrations for as long as you can.

3) Now you’re out of bed, keep the feel-good momentum high. Before pummeling straight into your day, give yourself 10-15 minutes of quiet time.  Set your alarm that shade earlier if necessary.  As Michael Bernard Beckwith* would say, this is your spiritual hygiene time.  You wouldn’t think about leaving the house without brushing your teeth would you?  We rarely negate our body hygiene.  Well, think of your spiritual morning routine as a way to clean your mind and spirit so that you can give your best to the world.  Pray, meditate or repeat affirmations,* visualize in front of your vision board,* think of or write out five things that you are thankful for.  Set up a little routine you can zip through each morning over tea/coffee and notice how empowered and positive it makes you feel after.  But make it personal and fun to you.

4) If you can, exercise.  We all know how great our body can feel after even just 15 minutes of exercise but its that buzz, that pumped feeling we’re after that- truly-I’ve only found exercise can offer.  Adopt a gym routine, take the dog for a brisk walk/jog, join a yoga studio or simply do a fitness DVD at home.  I have a yoga DVD with different lengths of sessions.  One is as little as 15 minutes but just doing something for such a short amount of time can have great residual results.  When I think I don’t have enough time to workout I remind myself that this will be the wisest way I can spend 15 minutes today.  Whatever you do, enjoy it.

5) Eat breakfast. According to ‘Today’s Dietitian’ “only one-third of (American) respondents found time to fit breakfast into their busy schedules.*” It really does make a difference to not only your energy levels but your happiness, too. Personally I have no appetite until around 11am and so, in the past, I wouldn’t eat until then. I was finding, however, that despite all the healthy habits I had (included above) I was feeling lethargic, extremely hungry by 11am, weak and low on energy. Just eating a banana makes me feel so much better. We tend to ask a lot of our bodies in the morning, let’s give it some sustenance in return.

If you want to feel happier, then the power to do so lies with you. Adopt just one of these habits a week, then the next week/month add another and so on, and see how much better you feel. Remember you feeling good on the inside is what attracts good things to you in the physical outer world.

Have a great day, my friends.



*Abraham Hicks is the name given to the spiritually evolved non-physical beings who deliver messages of joy and creation through Esther Hicks. They teach primarily about the law of attraction and its magnificent workings. Together with Esther’s late husband, Jerry Hicks, the trio have written nine astonishing books, the one referred to in this article called ‘Co-Creating at its Best’ with Dr. Wayne Dyer.

* We’ve talked about Rhonda Byrne in previous articles. If you’ve not yet seen the movie that took the world by storm then check it out now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE5-iFKBMIo

*Dr./Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder of Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, California. It is one of the largest spiritual communities in the world and attracts those from all different religious backgrounds as well as those who choose to worship their God outside of the ideologies of religion. To have a flavor of Michael and Agape click here http://agapelive.com/

*Affirmations are powerful, positive statements aimed at affecting the conscious and subconscious mind. ‘I am’ are reputedly two of the most potent words you can utter and so whatever you tag on after puts creative force in motion. Always speak an affirmation in the present tense, which instructs your impressionable mind that this state is true now, not in some future time. My favorite affirmation is one of Michael Bernard Beckwith’s: ‘I am available to more good in my life than I have ever imagined, experienced or manifested before.’ Repeating affirmations in the shower, the car, listening to them before sleep, washing up-wherever- is a great way to give your mind something positive to chew on. Stick post-it notes to your bathroom mirror, your fridge, the inside of your purse, even, to remind you to repeat them. For affirmation ideas check out https://www.pinterest.com/melitakoletic/louise-l-hay-affirmations/

*A vision board is simply a cork board filled with pictures from magazines of all the things you want to be, do and have. By staring at it frequently you soak your mind with your goals. In doing this regularly you set the law of attraction in motion to go-get. Several pins on my board have come to pass; my puppy Liberty is the exact dog I cut out of a magazine years ago, down to her creamy white fur and golden ears. Creating a vision board is not only a powerful exercise in bringing clarity about what you want out of life its also enormous fun. If you have children, it’s a great activity to do together, it really introduces children to pin-pointing what their life goals are and then witnessing the law of attraction in action. For further details, http://makeavisionboard.com/what-is-a-vision-board/

*‘Rise And Dine! — A Breakdown of Breakfast’s Benefits With Experts’ Best Meal Suggestions By Juliann Schaeffer Today’s Dietitian Vol. 13 No. 9 P. 44 http://www.todaysdietitian.com/newarchives/090111p44.shtml





  1. Eric says:

    The hardest part about doing anything is getting it to a routine stage. For me, it was setting my alarm up early so I could get a workout in the day before it started. It only took two weeks but now I find myself fully waking up and or just at the same time as the alarm goes off. My body and spirit are clearly telling me “I like this. Keep doing it and I’m going to wake your consciousness up to do it”…. You will find if you learn to recognize your body and spirit communicating with you in these manners, you definitely start seeing a brighter side to things.

    • Yvette says:

      Absolutely! So well said. Yes the more energy you spend the more you receive back. I’m so happy to hear your workout routine is helping you to see ‘a brighter side to things.’ Congratulations and thank you for your comment.

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