5 Reasons Why You Need To Set Goals Today


For many of us, September is a fresh start; our children are ushered back to school, the Summer is relinquishing her heat and we tend to feel a natural impulse to throw ourselves anew into projects. So the time is ripe for you to take action.

“Nothing will change until you do.” Mike Robbins

Ask yourself; what do I think about someone who has clearly defined goals? I can’t, my sweet Bright Side friend, speak for you, but what springs to my mind is adjectives such as inspired, driven, ambitious, self confident, well-off, successful.

Are those qualities you would like to feel fusing into your own self description? If so, setting personal goals is a must. Why?

1) What would happen if you didn’t set goals? To borrow Mike Dooley’s metaphor, not setting goals is like getting in your car with no idea of where you’re going. What happens? Well you’ll probably drive around in circles, winding up nowhere or perhaps, worse still, somewhere you really don’t want to travel to. Your body is this lifetime’s vehicle.  It too has only a certain capacity for gas. Use that gas wisely, purposefully, set your GPS by tapping in the wherabouts of your aspirations.

2) Goals give us intention; an intention for getting up in the morning, a content for our day, and if we have that focus than bad habits, distractions, procrastination and even addiction weans off and out of the way. Sometimes we find ourselves scrapping with what we dislike in our lives. We forget if we just concentrated on what we do want the bits we don’t like fade away.

3) Setting goals is your conscious minds’ way of saying; here’s our roadmap, subconscious: Go fetch! We need that subconscious mind in the know because that mystical part of our consciousness will move us-in ways not thought of by the surface conscious mind- to make that goal happen. When we have clearly identified goals we mush our consciousness in the how’s of their fruition; we daydream about their obtainment, they sweeten our thoughts, our hearts flutter into passion and all this juice provides fuel for the subconscious. Through our subconscious mind synchronistic meetings will start to occur, coincidences will grace our personal world and circumstances will be crafted to make that goal manifest.

4) Sense of accomplishment Achieving a goal is like straddling atop a mountain summit, breath labored, decorated in mud and beads of sweat. Its a glorious explosion of I DID IT! The implications for your increased sense of self confidence and self love is magnificent. Surprising yourself with what you can get through to achieve your hearts desire evidences how yes you are capable and strong and resilient and resourceful and whatever other quality has been applicable on your journey to get you there.

Then-best bit- go treat yourself, bask in your success. Collapse into a warming, aroma-filled body massage, pop and Whoa! over the cascading froth from a bottle of good champagne, reserved in the rack for such an occasion, treat yourself to a night away or mini vacation. Whatever you do, celebrate you. The promise of such a reward will not only spur you on to achieve your goal but encourage you to make future goals as well.      

5) Who knows how long any of us have left? There’s seemingly a season for unpredictable deaths at this moment: Cilla Black, Dr. Wayne Dyer to name but two we’ve chatted about. Everyday our eyes flicker open to greet our bedroom walls is a gift: A gift, not a guarantee, at any age. We only have now to work with. Yes, who knows, death may pip us to the summit of our goals but the intention and commitment are a wonderful legacy for others whom love us to follow.

Let the method of how you set your goals be governed by your own intuition. I like to divvy my goals up into groups: relationship, career, health and other (could be spiritual/financial/community). Once what I want to achieve in each category is identified I simply write a date of completion next to it.

From there you can break your goals down into smaller chunks and see what you can realistically achieve in a monthly/weekly/daily time scale.  Simple.

You may just want to channel all your efforts into one goal from a single category, whether that be health, relational or so forth. Just be mindful to pad out your life so it remains in balance. Perhaps you want to concentrate on your career, that’s fine. How about having less ambitious goals for the other categories?

If you’re uninspired to follow this traditional writing down method you could instead cut pictures out of your goals, prick them into a cork board, and daily gradually slide your eyes from one picture to the next, really soaking your consciousness with the feeling tone of achieving that goal. When inspired thoughts come to you related to your goals as if dropped into your minds eye from out of nowhere, scribble them down and take action.

Even with a more free-spirited approach to goal setting there is no getting around the fact that goals are only achieved with effort and action. That’s why they’re goals! If they were easily achievable and so desirable, we would have done them by now.

The very act of setting goals is invigorating-exciting even- so gather your perhaps scattered thoughts on where you want to be in two or five years and siphon your energies into their obtainment.

Sometimes it helps to have a support system to hold your hand.  Try Jennifer Grace’s Circle of Grace for this very purpose, where “inspiration meets accountability.”  Jennifer’s a beloved presenter on HayHouse radio and is committed to helping us achieve our goals with practical and inspired advice and resources, cushioned by a community of fellow goal-seekers.  You even get paired with an accountability partner each month.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” Tony Robbins

You got this…







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