How to Blissfully Escape Thoughts

Eckhart Tolle is one of my personal heroes and quite probably one of the most awakened human beings walking the earth at this time; a modern day prophet, according to those who are familiar with his life’s work.  Oprah Winfrey is a famous advocate of him, having selected Tolle’s bestselling book ‘A New Earth’ for her bookclub.

I discovered his books during pregnancy, ten years ago.  Eckhart’s books ‘A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life Purpose’ and The Power of Now’ both adorn my bookshelves, pride of place.  I even keep extra copies in the guest room for visitors to enjoy.

As well as being an author, I like to watch Eckhart on his TV channel, courtesy of YouTube.  His soft German tone, poignant silences, very deliberate word choice, adorable rounded, boyish countenance and cutesy laugh just stole my heart from the start: that and his sweater vests and beige ties, giving him a wise sage grandfatherly appearance.

The other day I heard him talk about ‘rising above thoughts,’ rather than being dragged ‘below thoughts.’  As busy minded human doings, we’re all-either consciously or sub consciously- looking to escape the incessant thought train, set in action from the moment our eyes peel open in the morning until we slip into sleep at night.  We have between 38-45 thoughts per minute; exhausting just thinking about it!

But how we escape this habitual stream of thoughts can be the difference between self destruction and self actualization (manifesting your full potential).

I ran with Eckhart’s introduction to the levels of no- thought that straddle thought and mused, hmm, what are the ways we fall below thought?

Here is a teeny example of the ways we experience dropping below thought.  Sometimes they begin as indulgences and slip into addiction:-

  • Drinking alcohol, especially to the point of drunkenness
  • Drug taking
  • Shopping for the sake of indulgence
  • Eating too much junk food
  • Watching drama on TV, violence and horror
  • Not eating and experiencing starvation (including anorexia)
  • Denying the body what it needs to be comfortable; an ascetic life

Conversely-and a bit more cheerily- how do we experience rising above thoughts?  Here’s a snapshot:-

  • Allowing nature to absorb our sense of wonder- gazing at a starry sky/admiring the majesty of an ancient tree/basking in the brilliant rays of the sun
  • Meditating
  • Yoga
  • Candles/Essential Oils
  • Moments of real connection relationally; sex, eye-contact, heartfelt hugs
  • Exercise that keeps us intently present, such as rock climbing or surfing
  • Creating; writing, painting, playing/making music, cooking for instance
  • Serving others, especially those in need

Rising above thought has the power to imprint a scene indelibly on the mind and heart, to plant us in the zone, where minor bodily niggles and irritations elude us due to the strength of our chiseled focus.  We become struck by wonder and awe and the perspective magnifies, extending far beyond the confines of the petty egoic mind.

Another way of presenting the idea of rising above or below thoughts is to lift or lower vibration, because thoughts are vibrational, translating into feelings and actions.  My favorite ways to lift my vibration is to book shop, using the ripest, favorite part of my day for me, not the leftovers when I’m tired.  I love to light my Himalayan salt lamp, diffuse essential oils, listen to Hayhouse radio, learn a skill like my online cookery school, Rouxbe, or go for a massage.

So look for ways that inspire you to rise above thoughts, name them and do them more.  Avoid indulgences; see why you’re attracted to them and identify the appeal -their addictive qualities- but notice how this can only lead to suffering.  Its akin to pushing your head under water; it avoids the surface for a short time but sooner or later you’ll have to rise up to world of thinking to take a breath.   Try and instead to fly- with inspired action or state of beingness- and rise above the thoughts that keep you ensnared.

Even journal this: what are my favorite ways to lift vibration/rise above thoughts, and whats my opposite below- thought- go-to? Can I sympathize with myself and see why I do things that take me below thought?  It does stop the relentless thinking mind, but sometimes with a detrimental or even deadly price tag to health and well- being.  Can I make a commitment to do or Be more of the things that lift me above thought/raise my vibration?

Create your life to inspire you.  Fill it with uplifting people, activity and walk about your self created environment with a state of Being seeking and choosing what Love would do in the face of every choice.  Love is the power that ultimately elevates us above thought.

Here’s to thoughtlessness,